Sessions of the Attorney General of the United States mark changes in the policy on marijuana –

Sessions of the Attorney General of the United States mark changes in the policy on marijuana


Sessions of the US Attorney General UU Indicates changes in marijuana policy

  • Sessions USAG notes changes in federal marijuana application policy
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren challenges Trump's HHS nominee in medical marijuana and opiates,

Attorney General Sessions is making news on the fronts of marijuana and opioids.

Marijuana Policy

Sessions Suggestions on changes in the federal marijuana application. At a press conference last Wednesday on new measures to address the use of opiates, Attorney General Jeff Sessions noted that the Department of Justice's laissez-faire approach to marijuana in states where it is legal may be changing soon.

Justice seems "very difficult" now "in The Cole Memo, a guide from Obama's time for federal prosecutors telling them that they generally make the application a low priority in legalizations or medical statements,

said AG Sessions. "We had meetings yesterday and we talked about that in some detail. In my opinion, the use of marijuana is harmful, and we should not encourage it in any way, and it represents a federal violation, which is in the law and is subject to compliance, and our priorities should be focused. in all the things and challenges we face, "he said." We will work to arrive at a rational policy. But I do not want to suggest in any way that this department believes that marijuana is harmless and that people should not avoid it. "

Connecticut's gubernatorial candidates support legalization.In the first debate of the 2018 governor's campaign the Last Tuesday, several candidates said they supported the legalization of marijuana, a step that current Governor Dannel Malloy (D) has not wanted to take.

"Yes, I will sign a bill to legalize," said Democrat Dan Drew. "There are a lot of people who use cannabis for a variety of reasons … would not it be better if we controlled the process at the front, if we could regulate it?"

Another Democrat, Former Consumer Protective Commissioner Jonathan Harris he also said he supports the legalization of marijuana.

Republican candidate Prasad Srinivasan said he had concerns about public safety and public health.

San Francisco approves the Legal Marijuana Regs; Sales will begin on January 5. The Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to approve regulations for recreational marijuana sales and set January 5 as the date on which legal sales could begin. Supervisors voted for a 600-foot cushion between stores and schools far less than some members of the Chinese immigrant community had pressed, and rejected provisions that would have allowed neighborhoods to limit the number of marijuana stores or ban them directly.


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) sent a letter to Alex Azar, nominated by President Trump to head the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) suggesting that the administration study how the legalization of Marijuana could reduce opioid addiction and deaths from overdoses. The letter also asks Azar to answer questions about what he would do to study marijuana as an alternative to opiates, if he is committed to the implementation of evidence-based policies and what steps he would take to "improve our knowledge of the possible therapeutic benefits of the marijuana. " marijuana when used for medical purposes. "

Iowa announces the first and only license for the medical marijuana manufacturer, the Department of Public Health announced on Tuesday that it will issue a CBD manufacturing license for MedPharm Iowa. That is the first license to grow marijuana and create marijuana products. CBD in the state and the only one that will be issued.

Opioids with prescription and heroin

The DEA will open its first office in 20 years to fight the epidemic At a press conference last Wednesday on the crisis of opiates Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the DEA will open a new local office in Louisville, its first new field office in two decades.The sessions also announced new federal grants totaling $ 12-M to finance anti-heroin equipment and they said that the 94 US prosecutors from across the country would appoint officials to coordinate opiate application operations in their areas.

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