Serious crimes against Virginia mom who put a recording device in the daughter’s backpack to catch bullies


Sarah Sims (WAVY-TV video screenshot)

A Virginia mother will not face serious felony charges after all in the case where she kept a recording device in her daughter's backpack to Determine if your child is being mistreated.

According to CNN, local prosecutors announced Wednesday that they had dropped all charges against Sarah Sims of Norfolk, 47, who was charged with intercepting wire, electronic or oral communications, as well as another misdemeanor misdemeanor charge. contributing to the delinquency of a minor after his daughter's primary school informed the police that they had retrieved the recording device from the girl's desk in September.

Sims could have faced up to five years in prison if she had been convicted of the felony.

The network notes that although there was sufficient evidence to support the charges, the community decided to leave office.

"However, after reviewing the facts and the specific circumstances of this case, the office is exercising procedural discretion not to pursue the prosecution of this case," said Commonwealth Prosecutor's Office spokeswoman Amanda Howie, according to CNN

Sims told CNN his story on Monday, telling Don Lemon that he had sent his fourth-grade daughter to school with the recorder in her backpack, hoping to capture audio, since the girl had said they were intimidating her .

This was a course of action after Sims said he repeatedly contacted the administrators of his daughter's school, Ocean View Elementary School, to discuss his daughter's complaints.

According to reports, her daughter had been intimidated since the third grade, and Sims said that the girl "got kicked in the stomach and hit her with a rope in the yard".

Sims said the school did not notify him about that incident and his daughter became "very anxious to attend."

I took her out of school because she refused to go. She felt she was not protected. "

The girl tried to stay positive when she once again faced bullying this new school year, and when her daughter complained, Sims tried to encourage her at first.

I did not want to just be on my son's side. I wanted to be fair, "Sims said." I felt I somehow disappointed her because I did not believe her. "

Sims said that when she did not get an answer, she decided to move forward on her own.

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School officials later found and confiscated the device at the end of September, and by November an arrest warrant had been issued for Sims, and she delivered and was processed, before posting bail and having a court date set for January.

"I was appalled when I heard these charges," Sims' attorney Kristin Paulding told CNN on Monday. "I was surprised to see that the school I would decide to go to the police department and finally accuse this mother instead of sitting her down and having a simple conversation about what her concerns were and how the school could alleviate those concerns. "[19659003] Regarding the school, the Public Schools spokesperson of Norfolk, Khalilah LeGrand, said the district "had the responsibility to fully investigate the alleged incident and, as such, a legal review was requested" from the Norfolk city attorney's office.

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