Serena Williams asks for help as her baby suffers from teething

New mother Serena Williams has never hesitated to contact experienced parents on social media for help with various concerns and problems. But her past worries, about issues like the itching and discomfort of breastfeeding, did not seem as distressing as the last one.

His daughter, Alexia Olympia, now has 3 months, and that means that the tennis champion faces the terror of teething for the first time.

"The dentition, also known as the devil, is very difficult," he wrote in an Instagram legend next to a picture of the baby. "Poor Alexis Olympia has been so uncomfortable, she cried so much (she never cries) that I had to hold her until she fell asleep."

Yes, as either parent will attest, teething can turn the kinder baby into a crying crying, screaming and without sleep. And mom and dad often stay in a similar state as they watch their babies suffer so much.

That seems to be the point at which Williams is now.

"I've tried amber beads … cold towels … chewing on mom's fingers … homeopathic water (hahaha) but nothing works," he continued. "It's breaking my heart, I almost need my mother to come and hug me to sleep because I'm so stressed."

And then the supplication came: "Help? Someone?"

Certainly, there was no shortage of that. The followers of Williams bombarded all their imaginable suggestions: topical and oral medications, rings for teething, gloves to chew, rub onions in the line of the gums (um …), serve ice-cold straws of breast milk, etc.

Serena Williams writes an emotional letter to her mother about her new baby

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Serena Williams writes an emotional letter to her mother about her new baby

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And, of course, as is the way on social networks, there were also many people eager to tell her that she was wrong about what was bothering her bundle of joy. It could not be teething at 3 months of age, they told him. (Note: WebMD says otherwise.) Alexis Olympia must be "gaseous", "hungry", "just asleep" or maybe she had "an ear infection".

But it does not matter what is causing the anguish or how it is treated, when the hope of baby and mom find relief, and they sleep! – soon.

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