YOU CAN MAKE HOW TO MAKE IN THE MART! Swiss is still another record!

The rest of the tennis player is in the world twice Rafaela Nadala, and is still just ahead of it Roger Federer With 53 prizes from the main competitions.

However, the best tennis player in the world of winning wins, after winning 52 major titles at 173 competitions. On the other hand, Federer came to 53 cups to play at 223.

Djokovic will have the opportunity to capture Federer with a number of Indian subtitles (March 7-17), and he won five times. If indicated in California, the record will be displayed; waiting in Miami on program 18-31. March.


Djokovic won 52 of the 173 titles featured at the maggots, meant that he won the prize for every 3,3, while Federer had to do so; taking 53 at 223 major competitions, titled on all 4.2. Nadal 50 is third third at 174, with 3.5 averages.

Winners of the major competitions since 1990.


ĐOKOVIĆ FASE AN FEDERER! Let's: Roger does not fight as it was before, and his / her; look at Novak!

VILANDER CAN NOT get ADDED: Djokovic won the four Grand Slams this year!

(VIDEO) IN THE NOVAKA COURT 20,000 HOLIDAY DOLS! Meet the best players on the world's best tennis player!

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