WhatsApp has introduced a system that is a key responsibility to keep secret messages

The additional security system provided by WhatsApp recently for users could be a key place for keeping secret messages.

The company has recently introduced biometric machines into the iPhone version of the application, which is a. means that the phone will confirm whether it is "the right person"; in them before you can enter.

This means that you can open the app only if you have a motor or face-to-face when you protect your phone.

With this protection system, it is more difficult for anyone to access your conversations, but it is harder to do, because you ask the request to identify the branch or opponent each time You want to send someone's message.

The feature is very easy to be able: open the options for VhatsApp, go to the Privacy button and click on it. WhatsApp will ask you if you want the green phone to be activated immediately.

However, while the activity is opening the application's access, it is not a n; lock notice. This means that if someone is at your phone, they will still be able to see the messages when they come in and even They can answer them if they use the action prompt response.

This can be easily managed, even though it also means "simply giving" for security. To do this, enter the preferred option in the options application, click on WhatsApp, and place "preview preview".

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