Volkswagen na linne cube – "everything or nothing" on electric cars

If Volkswagen is achieving its ambitious plan to become an original driver in the creation of electric cars (EV), it will Thanks to a radical and risk-based burden that arises from the largest scam in history, according to analysis by Reuters.

Well: Reuters

Photograph: Julia-lav / Depositphotos

Photograph: Julia-lav / Depositphotos

The German giant has put on his market with his / her; market by investing 80 billion euros to make a huge result of the cost of electric vehicles, and no other manufacturer made.

Huge makers' electricity plans to date have one main objective – to protect profits from a large sale of ordinary cars by using the " send nylon distribution vehicles to their naval to comply with environmental regulations.

At that time, consumers usually avoid electric vehicles because they are too expensive, they may not be suitable for tax due to poor confidentiality.

The biggest change in the strategy is 80 years of time VW has a serious roots at a crisis meeting held during the Rothehof weekend at Wolfsburg on 10 October 2015.

At a meeting led by the leader of the VW brand Herbert Dies, nine senior managers gathered on Saturday afternoon to discuss the future, after their rulers had been able to go. screwed in trials to let gas, a scanner spent at its company near 30 billion euro in taxes and stolen her name.

"It was a deep debate, as well as recognizing that this could be an opportunity, if we leave it a long time"
, he said Jirgen Stackman, a VW brand board board for sale

Photograph: EPA / CJ GUNTHER

Photograph: EPA / CJ GUNTHER

"It was an original design session to do more than electric cars. We were looking out what our vision for the future is to Branden. Everything you see today is related to this.".

Just three days after the meeting of Rothehof of the VW Management Committee, The company has developed plans for a platform for electric vehicles, named MEB code, which open the route for the output of an accessible electric car.

Months after the explosion of the Dieselgale scannal in 2015, car manufacturers who were involved with diesel-activated as a "VW" problem.

However, the rulers have found more distributions across the region and put off a stop that impedes an internal burner (SUS), and The whole section considers the way it moves.

Now, the biggest "crime" of Diesel Gateway is probably the largest electricity maker in the world in the coming years, saying that analysts are placed on "half "to go to avoid market – if demand is made.

However, VW's ambitious aims were only found two months ago when the German company was surprised at its entirety with a promise that 80 billion euros would go to it; Costs on the development of electric vehicles and the purchase of batteries, which reduces the competitiveness of their competitors.

It is expected that the annual increase of electric cars will rise from 40,000 in 2018 to 3,000,000 to 2025.

Risk bet

Photograph: Fransz / Depositphotos

Photograph: Fransz / Depositphotos

As rulers and legislators, not consumers, say what type of vehicle is on the road, Deloitte analysts say that the 14 million business can afford electricity to the business that is not demanded by customers, practice.

He also promises everything or anything for a longer period.

Volkswagen, which has access to the number of electric cars to reach, salmon in 2020, has set a date to complete the production of SUS engines. The latest generation of petrol and diesel engines will be developed by 2026.

Armed Elinghorst inspector believes that EV complaints can be at risk because customers do not want cars to be responsible for filling in resources.

"What if people are not ready for an EV? Is there an EV upturn in the US, Europe and China?",
he is asking ElinghorstSouth Westerly

However, it states that the EU and China regulations about harmful gaseous emissions have embraced the adoption of electric vehicles to be unstable, and, offers a "positive and rewarding" reward for the business that is developing.

Photograph: EPA / TANNEN MAURY

Photograph: EPA / TANNEN MAURY

Another diesel product that was a? accelerating the VW electricity program, according to senior officers, to clean up the company's old arm of directors, which became the focus of political and public anger.

This reinforces the Dies position, which was entered as a VW brand head just before the US controller detected a scam in VW gas emissions exams.

Dies, which came from a BMW that helped to improve its & # 39; a renewable electricity carriage, then a head of the entire Volkswagen Group, a multi-branded empire that is a including Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Seat, Škoda, Lamborghini and Ducati.

Until now, automobile car manufacturers did not make a great deal of electric vehicles, especially due to the cost of batteries that make up 30-50% of the cost of electric vehicles.

Battery which offers 500 km of independence costs around 18,000 euros, compared to a gasoline engine costs around $ 5,000. Add to that another 2,000 euros for electric motors and turn, and the difference is even bigger.

Even the cheaper car of the most efficient Tesla, Model 3, Tesla, fuel car, is sold in the & # 39; Germany at an original price of 55,400 euros, much lower than the Porsche Macan basic price, hard SUV. In the United States, the Model 3 price starts at € 37,000.



VW is believed to be Highly benefits its high quality to build an electric vehicle that does not cost more than the Golf model; at present, which is about 20,000 euros, using its purchasing power as the world's largest car and truck maker to reduce costs.

"Volkswagen is our customers, as a brand for the people. We need a huge economy for electric cars, and VW can use more than any other car-maker", Volkswagenov's superintendent for Reuters commented on anonymously.

The budget for VW electric vehicles goes over to the nearest German Daimler champion, who has been billions of billions.

General Motors, the largest engineer of the US, said it is expected to spend 7 billion euros on automotive vehicles and automobile cars.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance announced in late 2017 that it could cost 10 billion euros by 2022 on the development of electric cars and devolution.

"We expect Volkswagen to become the largest electric vehicle maker in the world by 2025. Tesla is likely to be a smaller marketer, said the inspector Patrick HumelSouth Westerly

Norman, rigorous tests

Photograph: Getty Images

Photograph: Getty Images

As a result of the Volkswagen attacking licensing tests, Using software, detected pollutants were found to have found that business releases up to 20% were higher in 2016 and 2017 in real driving conditions compared to the room's conditions.

This has led to an increase in obstacles in the efforts of the equipment department to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which are considered to be accountable for global warming.

EU Union legislators (EU) agreed in December to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars in the range of 37.5% by 2030 compared to the 202 levels. This was decided after the EU reduced 40% in distributions between 2007 and 2021.

"This objective is now accessible by using only SUS engines," he said Volkman Dener, Chief of Bosch, the largest supplier in the world of equipment makers.

From 2019, a fiscal of 95 euros will be spent on every car of severe carbon dioxide contamination.

Analysts show that VW has a 1.4 billion euro penalty to give average limits in Europe by 2021, and Ford and Fiat-Chrisler (FCA) Punishment of 430 and 700 million penalty depends.

SUV is a headache

Photograph: Getty Images

Photograph: Getty Images

Daimler, BMW, PSA, Mazda and Hyundai lost their average distribution targets for 2021, and the replay for Toyota, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Volvo, Honda and Jaguar Land Rover will meet the targets him.

Car makers engaged in average emissions to & # 39; reducing fleet as a result of the movement of larger customers, SUVs, makes it difficult to maintain acceleration and comfort without further fuel and pollution.

SUVs is now the largest European vehicle division, with a market share of 34.6%, JATO Dynamics says. Even Porsche, who has been named light sports cars, is responsible for selling SUV cars with a maximum of 61% take part.

Given that there was a wide range of expectations across their business on its & # 39; Brussels to continue to confirm laws at the end of last year, VW leaders decided that wild electric cars were the most effective way to achieve CO2 emissions targets.

It was a point to come back; According to the director, when the company made the final decisions about investing in electricity technology and made himself a Holding the direction he founded after the Diesel Gate.

"After evaluating the other option, we decided to vote on voting",
the Chief Operating Officer stated Ralf Brandstater for Reuters.

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