Vitamin Pipers D – What is Truth?

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Vitamins D can be purchased in medications

You may have seen titles in which vitamin D does not make bones more healthy or more; ban breach and fall, but it is officially recommended for everyone to take – especially during the autumn and winter.

What, in fact, is the truth?

Why do we need vitamin D?

Vitamin D as feeding development has been a subject of wild debate for years.

Some say that it is perfectly affecting bone health and protecting it from cold and cold, and others say it is about to be able to; throw money.

Vitamin D helps control the calcium and phosphate level in the cell; Our body is needed for bones, teeth and healthy muscles.

It usually happens when the skin is open to the sun – so we'll get it enough in spring and summer.

But in the autumn and winter, when sunlight is less, we will reduce the amount of vitamin D, so one in five in the UK does; feeling uneasy.

Although vitamin D is found in some foods, it is difficult to go into the amount that is proposed.

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Vitamag D occurs in & # 39; skin due to wellbeing and for most people it's a galvanic store

Without this reason in 2016, health officials said that everyone should consider taking vitamin D in pills, because it is difficult for some people to access In other ways, 10 micrograms (400IU), as experts know; praised.

The reason for this is, they said, to preserve the health of the bones and muscles.

This does not mean that everyone needs to buy those provisions – just think they need it.

The study in the background of these inscriptions is a comprehensive meta-analysis of 81 previous studies of the relationship between vitamin D and bone health, but only four such surveys have been missing on & 39; bottle in the body.

Healthy people with a relatively good vitamin D did not benefit from feeling.

The English Public Health Institute responded, arguing that the council was still adequate.

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And other independent experts were essential and they stressed that there are no supplies; Only work if you suffer from a low degree of sodium in the body.

Professor Adrian Martino of the University of London, and Queen Mary, said that the results "do not offer any reason for reviewing or reviewing" the current proposal.

Professor Martin Hjuison from the Association for Incommunication said: "Almost all vitamin D vitamins in addition to nutrition have shown that the provisions are not only effective if the beginning of vitamin D is at the beginning .

"In this light, it was difficult to find useful side effects with vitamin D, although a large number of people participated."

Researchers, and Lanset Diabetes and Endocrinology, say "more research is needed".

The lack of vitamin D is defined as a number of less than 25 nanomoles per liter of blood sugar (nmol / l).

Who should be vitamin D?

  • The eldest four years should include 10 micrograms (400 UI) of vitim D, especially between October and its; March, and think about sending invitations.
  • Female pregnant women and lesions, as well as risk groups (such as members of dark skin minorities, older people in care homes and those who wear clothing that are pregnant and pregnant) ; cover most of the skin) daily take 10 micrograms of vitamin D throughout the year.
  • Children should be between their first and most. Fourth year, 10 micrograms of vitamin D were developed throughout the year.
  • All children from birth to their first year of life should be between 8.5 and 10 micrograms of vitamin D each day (especially those that carry).

The Public Health Institute in England is a suggest that there is fair nutrition and a short period in spring and summer that most people can; supply a lot of vitamins D.

What foods does vitamin D contain?

  • salt fish
  • red meat
  • gold
  • cask
  • Food was moved, such as most spreads and some breakfast cereals

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