There is a measure of radon, and starts with algae in Vedic

It is said that the 1,000 car and radiation on 1 March, which is used to measure the radon in the environment in the environment, is estimated to be estimated, the Directorate for Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security has been stated .

Well: Tanjug

Picture: Shock /

Picture: Shock /

It will last three months, after which the founders will be sent to a certified laboratory in Vedic, which, after reading and writing. processing the results, submit the data into the Directorate.

The results of the results of radon measurement in cars and mobile phones will be given to the public, along with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development, in the designation of this institution.

It's a natural radio-livering choreographer. a radon-like population for over 100 years, from the start of the radioactivity information. There is an outdoor battle in low installments. Like any other gas, collection can be found in a closed place at much higher assemblies.

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