Places, places to do – Amazon will come into an electric car race

In all situations, Amazon will come into the race with electric vehicles.

(Photograph: Thinkstock, Design)

(Photograph: Thinkstock, Design)

Use me, I'm not going to make an electric carriage, I'm going to do it; investing $ 700 million in the Rivian that develops electric puppets and SUVs.

Much information about this investment has been published, but we know that Rivian is still an independent company. The facts that broke the internet this week would have Amazon invested in this investment with General Motors, but it is unclear whether this has been achieved, and it is not clear what a & # 39; The impact of Amazon in this company is.

In November, Rivian introduced the R1T construction as well as the S1 R1S, and are expected to be sold at the beginning of the following year. It was not published because Amazon entered this investment, but it was not easy to decide.

Because this company is actively updating ways to deliver goods to customers, it may be expected to use an electricity option for these reasons. This is also supported by the fact that Amazon also has a & # 39; investment in a company that develops self-drilling technology. All this continues to one goal – a & # 39; supply of electricity, automatic fleet of delivery vehicles.

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