Agreement! The most recent PL player! It looks like this is a list, and it's definitely not a fail!

How are the current media that & # 39; writing, everything has been agreed, it's United
Agreed, David De Hea will expand the contract that will, some for him
16 months.

Although it was considered that it was a? Looking too much, it looks like this
By attacking United, he credited his visitor as the best athlete
The world, which most people have; think.

Weekly earnings, no bonus, 350,000 per week,
more than Sanchez with 315,000, but also very good and bonuses
which is now the United States whirlwind.

There is even more nightmare in the Ozil Mesut with 306,000 that is a grow 350,000 by
Play with games, support and goals for everything

The contract is seeking a new contract, it is £ 290,000 and is re-sold
going to Spain.

De Bruyne is the highest player of Sitia with 280,000 and one
The Lukaku team lost the place of 250,000 pounds
no million a month.

In other words, from the current 5, just Pogba and De Bruyne
they are general play, there is another concern that is difficult to get rid of.

So, De Hea works around 20 million euro without a call
Each year, that is just over 100 million for five years on
how long should it be? contract.

The Spanishman has been in the club since 2011 for 28 years, and indeed this is not
last contract contract. He will be paid genuinely
hitting all the time, in the most popular era of Buffon winning his eye
6 million a year, and Casillas has something else in Real …

It is also expected that Mata, Erera and Raspore will expand contracts with
United, and before that was done by Marshal already.

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