KATY, Texas – Photos with Santa are a Christmas tradition for many families, but for children on the autism spectrum, the experience may be too to support it – unless you connect with a Caring Santa program.

"It's epic! It's huge," said Father Pam Dore. "People who have children who do not have disabilities do not understand what something so simple means, like an image with Santa Claus."

Dore's son, Bodie, 8, approached a Santa Claus at Katy Mills Mall on Sunday morning. This is the second time that Bodie sits with Santa.

"I just could not tolerate the lines and all the extra excitement, what's happening at the mall," said Dore. "So this gives children with special needs a great opportunity."

The Caring Santa program is available, by appointment, for children and families approximately one and a half hours before it opens a shopping center. Mykah Hill could have Katy Mills for him alone.

"As a mother, it makes me so happy that he can also experience Santa, share his Santa story, tell Santa what he wants, he's excited about that," said mother Broquet Hill.

According to Cherry Hill, who organizes the program with the help of Autism Speaks, adjusting an experience for children living with autism does not require much: turn off the lights. Turn off the music Avoid that the child waits in line and adapts to the needs and movements of the child.

Santa & # 39; s that works with the Caring Santa program are trained to interact with children who have special needs and almost 400 sensory experiences of Santa will be held throughout the country this year.

While it seems that the Caring Santa events in Houston are ready for the season, other places throughout Texas and the country still have availability.

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