what is "Blue March" waiting for Pope of Sopi for the revival of the 2000 situation?

At the 2014 local level, Aïssata Tall Sall, similar to a large number of managers, has benefited from the charisma of the national national secretary of the Pds, who was on the "Blue March" in Podor. This means that there is active and vibrant support from Wade to Idy; power restriction is just sleeping.

And because of a good reason, in the backdrop of a special issue of leadership against the 2017 legislative elections, it is likely that we will revive the situation of 2000 when the "Blue March", throughout Senegal, is led by The two men, the steamroller's influence to dispose of Diouf in the second round.

In Dakar alone, the configuration that shapes between Idy and Khalifa Sall, according to clause without writing but is determined by the first-name support of the second place in 2017, that Benno Bokk Yakkar a & # 39; In spite of Wade, Manko camp sent the president's movement in a weak state, who won the Pyrrhic victory. The Dakar townships will have a significant impact on the impact of Pikine, for a long time ago; affecting the Pds. In Rufisque, if the partnership is strengthened by Ngoné Ndoye, the power will be expressed as a strong vision for the future.

In Thiès, a co-operation between Thierno Alassane Sall, Idrissa Seck, Pds and Haguibou Soumaré will bring about a change in the balance of power that emerged from the last elections.

Itou for the Eastern Senegal natural division where Moustapha Guirassy enjoys a particular legitimate character, reveals father aura.

Touba, talk about it! Benno would have been living there worst berezina, after that of the 2016 referendum, if 2017 elections had not occurred under the terms that one knows. What's more, Wade, Idy and Pape Diop are well represented in Baol, a focus range for volunteer electors. In this regard, the decision made by Aïda Mbodj, the supporter of the women of volunteers through her ministerial role, will be of paramount importance for the result of this president's election.

In Ziguinchor and Kolda, the Pds have close relatives of the struggle, although a number of officers are coming to an end.

For registration, at a meeting in Thiès in March 2012 between the two rounds of this president's election, Mr Abdoulaye Wade called for Idrissa to go to her. final to support it. The proposed sopiste headteacher for the sea's terminal destination was to be spread in 2015 to benefit either if it was selected. In order to confirm Idy, Wade was on the personality of the genuinely trustworthy, saying he was a bit; Macky Sall can guide this country.

As a result, Gorgui, in the next venture, would receive if Idy supported, benefited from historically promising his speech on his. Comparison to sell his candidate's image to sell the Senegalese to adversely affect the state leader who was going out. The loyalty is needed for exercise, since both are "his" children. And Bougane in all this? The neophyte may have the chance to show that it is a politician that is larger than it is; counted.

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