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According to our colleagues from L’Obs, the departure of the French Ambassador, Philippe Lalliot, on the Regional (Ter) express train was not much appreciated, emphasizing that commercial exploitation for its April. the Senegalese authorities. They reportedly sent a letter of complaint to the French state. A rare fact that deserves a closer look.

In fact, our first concern is how does a foreign diplomat decide on a public project in Senegal State?

Our second question is is it the responsibility of diplomats from a third country accredited to Senegal to carry on the communication from the Senegal Government while complying with it?

In other words, can a diplomat not tell the truth?

In response to the first question, it can be said that Ter is a Senegalese public project that is a sovereign state. In this regard, any communication on the subject, no matter how fertile, must be left at the State of Senegal.

However, in this project, it is the French public finances that put his hand in his pocket, even if Senegal has to repay. Perhaps this is what the Ambassador, on behalf of the French State, wanted to convey.

And perhaps this answers the second question: The French commitment, here, to implementation, the nationality of the main contractor, gives it the right of inquiry and communication, it is understood that involved French label.

It seems to us, of course, that France did not appreciate Senegal’s disclosure of communications concerning the Ter, while it is a French company involved in French currency.

Speaking on the issue, the Ambassador emphasized the advantages and disadvantages. His words were stressed. He was complying with the request for a kind of communication that is aimed precisely at telling the truth on a question that was beginning to bother him. As a result, Senegal did not honor the given start dates on the Ter that have already completed work that is not ready.

Clearly, if we want to be respected and considered by our partners, we need to re-evaluate our relationships with them. This means good design of projects with a win-win spirit.

However, as for Ter, he is skeptical about its implementation beyond its cost.

Today, there it is, we don’t have to confuse the numbers with false dates that will never be respected. Someone needed to tell the truth about this issue.

Diplomacy does not imply complexity, even if in this case, France is not entirely innocent.

She was able to talk to Senegalese authorities, inform them, through normal diplomatic channels, of her communication requirements on this file rather than reacting through the same media channel.

Ironically, here we have a rather interesting case study: We see the success of the Macky regime that has weakened its adversaries, weakened civil society and imprisoned its protesters, silenced the diplomas .

Because, as we understand it, diplomats dictate the position of their governments and not the positions of their host state.

Even if diplomacy is polite, you need to tell yourself the truth from time to time.

And this is that the Ter has put a lot of people on the ground.

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