VIDEO. À Caen, the supporters of Caen mobilized en masse in Dunkirk

The joueurs are at the foot of the lobby.
The joueurs are at the foot of the lobby. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

Environ 200 supporters du Stade Malherbe Caen I do not see renunistic devant le Ornade stadium ce mardi April 20, 2021 deux heures avant le coup d’envoi d’un crucial match contratre Dunkirk. »In an envoy d’aporter notre soutien aux joueurs, speak François Duval, speaker du club. This is the most important thing. And in the case of the catastrophe situation, it is also a kind of recovery opportunity among supporters. You have the right to do so. »

Yohan Eudeline with short skirt

The jurors, asking the immediate director Yohan Eudeline, about to have more than an hour and a third in charge. If you are invited to do it in your own portfolio, you will be able to have a great experience with your fans and followers.

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“It would be very important”

Quelques sings ont encore résonné une fois les joueurs entrés sur le parking conduisant au stade. Maldé l’interdiction de rassemblement pronoun para la prefecture, le peuple roug et bleu s’est mobilisé. “This is not a simple process but it is important for the fair to say that the people are still in their infancy, as the president of the US Normandy Kop, Christophe Vaucelle, said. It’s too late. »

For fans of grasshoppers, this is not the case. “Malherbe’s supporters are on the other side of the spectrum right now. L’amour du club passe au-dessus. The messages’ il and en a marre are understandable. If you don’t, you won’t be able to prioritize.”

The priorities, as for the three points of Dunkirk, are determined by the city center for the main one.

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