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After graduating from the university campus marks at the United States University to study with a black student, Maguette Sène, general director of the Dakar University Center (Coud), announced the development. In fact, the United States has a union of ten members, the recipient and the CEO of the Coud, a memorandum of understanding for students to attack Dakar’s Cheikh Anta Diop University (Ucad). The common positive points are the economic status of Maguette Sène.

Par Alioune Badara CISS (Correspondent) – A new venture in the social campus of Ucad. It is negotiated by the number of innovations that you notice in the coding of the students. In addition to the tension, Maguette Sène, general director of the Coud, the soul of the Conseil d’Administration of April 15, has a special meeting of the lender to the students, the recipient and the Coud to passerby fin les maux de l’Université . “Lors de cette rencontre, nous sommes tous d’accord qu’il ya des problèmes dans le campus et qu’il fallait assainir. The party that is on campus, the members of the community are at the bottom of the white bar in the point of provocation of the house of men, the temples of people who do not respond, and more of the students who are responsible for their responsibilities ”, and Maguette Sène
At the end of the term, the matches are more than the results of the positive points. “There are some things we would like to learn from the study that is done under the auspices of the United Kingdom that does not have to go through the social campus. The party has not yet received a study study of the study and study of the New Translation. World of Holy Scriptures, which is not the study of the Bible, which is not the study of the Bible. D’ailleurs, if we remember that we have the manifestations, if not students in souvent victims or auteurs des faits. It is important to us see that the University of the United States is responsible for the humiliation of all who are not students and all students who are still in their careers. “
According to M. Sène, the social appointment is the original state of the situation in the Chad region. As standard for study, the coding will be done through a numerical report. «Certainly, the social quota is indispensable, more than that, it is becoming too Cela devait être une exception. This is the only thing students can do in the student residence on campus, and I have already studied habitat in the Canadian area. No matter what the reasons are, in the case of the coding manuellement, we all have a numerical place and a numerical comma with the pheasant with the bags. The application criteria, as well as the stipulation and the interrogation regime, in savoir l’excellence, merit à travers de trés bons résultats à l’examen. Cela ne signifie pas also qu’il n’y aura pas de social parce that handicaps them, the great malades and the etudiants étrangers doivent être pris en charge. We have all seen the students for transparency ”, said M. Sène.
The director of Coud reported that there was some form of action in the case of the students and that they would have been present at the post-election meeting in the United States. “It just came to us then at the Conseil rest restaurant, which was installed for the first time so that the campaign was completed by the end of the month. Well this is one of the elections that we have met in the past and in the current system. In order to create a fair environment in terms of coding, the donors of the president of Coud’s aux ayants droit, directs the director of Coud.
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