The political-economic consequences that influence and reinforce the minister of finance

First, on the political level, there is an openness of confidentiality in Dakar, the Divisional Representative, that Amadou was the lead figure for Macky Sall in Dakar. The results were very much dependent on the applicant for a BBY Partnership. This benefit may have already been at the end of the last statutory elections with our outcome. In fact, it's his job to put the agreed strategy into action and work towards achieving the target number of votes won. It was successful in winning more than 50% of the votes of Dakar voters. Revised strategy during the election. This is why large RPG people are preparing a bad blow against it so that it does not control the forthcoming locals, particularly the Dakar region. It must be recognized, however, that the inaugural uninterrupted donation of the original Lady was made to say that Amadou was able to create this legendary link between Macky and was unsure of the uncertainty. So, as the media reported on the ground, "he found this department able to believe that men and women were politically politic and who could really get involved in it." Dakar recompense. Because candidate Macky Sall made a lot of progress in Dakar's voters, he is grateful to his regional representative that no effort had been made and that there was no logical way to influence his consortium.

On an economic level, the presentations of Senegal are circulated everywhere and cannot disregard its opponents, who have really acknowledged it. This is confirmed by the Moody report, which raised Senegal status. Indeed, Senegal efforts on growth (6% between 2014 and 2016, against 3.5% between 2011-2013), fiscal consolidation (deficit reduction from 5.5% in 2013 to 4.2,% in 2016, with a target of 3) t % in 2019) and improvements in debt management, ensuring that Moody was given the status at Senegal in 2017 from a good B1 to Ba3 stable. Of the sixteen countries in Africa that have international financial status, South Africa (Baa3 / BB), Morocco (BBB-) and Namibia (Ba1) are not ranked better in Senegal (Ba3). stable, B + / positive side). ). In addition, Côte has the same chance of establishing Moody as Senegal. And as some of them have already said, Minister Amadou Ba, as President Macky, is a supporter of strong economic regeneration activity.
Added to this are the presentations through the ESP. President Macky SALL has made sustainable growth the main priority of his economic regulation to build a new Senegal, in order to turn this page of Senegal into reality. The new Senegal Plan (PSE) is the most important pillar of the practical translation of this vision. And President Macky Sall expects to be responsible for the Minister for Economy and Economy that has made a big contribution to achieving its goals.

There are so many positive points that make his friends look for lice, but he will be spoiled because there is support from President Macky Sall and especially The first wife of Marième Faye enjoyed the mission of AmadouBa;
For the rest, the dog is snoring, the caravan goes past.

City Councilor, APR Manager

Senegalese Street Front President (FPS)

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