SFR has won more than “1.8 million subscribers” in 2018 despite the recession.

The SFR fully accepts that its aggressive strategy in 2018 provides some of the company's profits to offer the customers offers. As a result, the SFR recorded over 1.8 million new tenants in 2018 and reported a fall of 2.9% in sales.

Complete the blood

Altice Europe held to end the outcome within SFR which was three years after it was taken over in 2017. Indeed, indeed! more than 75,000 consumers are losing alone in the third quarter of 2017. However, it appeared that the year 2018 was so difficult for the operator and party that set up Altice-SFR, the businessman Patrick Drahi said: t

I had arranged a visit: to go back before the end of the year all our lost customers. Well, it is done

SFR performance achieved commercial retailing far in advance of expectations Peter Drahi and recent results have been announced by the European Altic parent, the trader won almost 178,000 more in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Altice France has had more contributors back in 2018 than the number of customers lost in the last three years, " t the verification of Altice Europe's association in reporting.

Income reduction

The SFR has succeeded in turning the sea in losing customers and has more than 6.3 million established tenants and 13.5 million mobile supporters, figures allowing free access to double t as a second mobile phone operator, just behind Orange.

Fracture prices suggested by the operator have affected the profit of the company that is prosecuting annual sales decline of almost 2.9%. with an income lower than in 2015. The SFR is the only telecommunications operator in France to witness that its income has fallen.

Despite that, with a growing customer base, t SFR expects to grow by 3 to 5% of its income in 2019 and it always ensures good services for customers.


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