Public finances: The main conclusions of the BAM report for the 2017 financial year

The fiscal year 2017 was marked at the revenue level by a rebound of SI and VAT products, as well as by significant income inflows from the countries of the Council of Europe Cooperation Council. Gulf (CCG) which reached 9.5 billion dirhams. This is what Bank Al-Maghrib says in his report presented today to Al Hoceima before King Mohammed VI. Last year, the payroll experienced a historic decline. It fell by -0.2%, a first since 1994, and its ratio to GDP has returned to 9.8%, says the document presented by Abdellatif Jouahri, wali of the central bank. The wage bill amounted to 104.6 billion, the result of a 35.9% decline in recalls and a 1.1% increase in its structural component. By ministry, that of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research accounted for 40.3% of this expenditure, the National Defense Administration 22.1%, 16.2% and Health 7.3%.

In another register, the compensation charge increased for the second year in a row, amounting to 15.3 billion DH. This is explained by the rise in world prices of petroleum products.

Overall, the year ended with a deficit of 37.8 billion DH up 4.8 billion compared to the forecasts of the Law However, this is a reduction of 7.6 billion dirhams compared to 2016, which is explained by the improvement of 5.7% of ordinary revenue and 2.7% increase. overall expenditure and $ 1.6 billion of the balance of the special accounts of the Treasury. For total expenditures, they amounted to 297 billion, an increase of 2.7%, almost the same as in 2016. This trend reflects a 2% increase to 230.1 billion ordinary expenses and 5 , 1% to 66.9 billion of investment. Expenditure on goods and services increased by 1% to $ 163.4 billion, or 97.3% of the programmed amount.


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