Ndiassane: The Gamou celebration marked by the death of Khalife Mame Bouh Kounta

XALIMANEWS: The Nigerian community (Thies, west) celebrates this Monday in Gamou, in commemoration of the birth of the prophet Mohamed (PSL), a few days after the disappearance of his khaif El Hadji Mame Bouh Mamadou Kounta, who died on November 5. 93 years old.
Cheikh Bécaye Kounta, 89, has been introduced to the new general khalife of Ndiassane.
Cheikh Diakhaté, also president of the federal federation of Khadres de Thiès, stressed that the clerics are deeply marked by the absence of the late Khalife, whose shadow will fall in the 2018 edition of Gamass of Ndiassane.
Born in Tawa Fall, a region of the region of Thies, Dikhae also prayed that God would help the new khalife in his missions and allow him to perpetuate the work of his descendants, whose founder of Ndiassane, Mame Bounama Konta.
He explained that the cards celebrated Gamou, a week after the celebration of this religious event. Muslims trust faithfully in Ndiassane, which vibrates to the rhythm of the religious songs of Khadriya "Akhlou Kountiyou".
The founder of Tarikha kountiyou, Serigne Sidy Ahmed Kounta, also known as Cheikh Bounama Kounta, was born in 1780 in Akabli, Algeria, a district of the Adrar district in Algeria, according to family sources.
The commune of Akabli is also an oasis of the Tidikelt region, in the heart of the Algerian Sahara, in the same source.
Cheikh Bounama Kounta was "one of the most illustrious scholars who marked his time by not only listing his name in the annals of Senegal's history but also in those of West Africa at the end of the eighteenth century," he said.
He added that the first khalife after his disappearance was Cheikh Al Bécaye Kounta from 1914 to 1929. Cheikh Sidy Lamine Kounta succeeded him from 1929 to 1973, while El Hadji Mamadou Kounta was buried in Khalife in 1973 and was in operation until 1976.

Cheikh Sidy Yahya Kounta was the fourth khalife from 1976 to 1987 and the fifth, El Hadji Cheikh Bouh Mohamed Kounta (said Baye Bouh), from 1987 to 2006. Hadji Mame Bouh Mamadou Kounta became the sixth khalifa in 2006. He died November 5, at the age of 93, suites of a disease.
Serigne El Hadji Bécaye Kounta Ibn Bécaye was addressing the khalifat, to lead the Tarikha Khadriya of Senegal.

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