Morocco: US firm to build 900 MW wind farm in Dakhla for more than $ 300 million

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01.08.2018 at 01:18

The American firm, Brookstone Partners, a private equity fund based in New York, will build a 900 megawatt (MW) wind farm in the city of Dakhla in southern Morocco at a cost of $ 317 million. billion DH) .The company intends to realize this infrastructure to produce energy for personal use but also dedicated to blockhain. First, the US fund intends to invest $ 100 million to complete a first phase of the project (36 MW) by 2019. Brookstone has indeed founded "Soluna", the site that will house the proposed wind farm, after acquiring rights In the field

According to the American fund, this wind farm will fuel its cryptocurrency and blokchain mining activities with the energy that will be generated. Mining refers to the validation of a transaction made in virtual currency

The fund will work with its partner Soluna, which develops renewable energy plants dedicated to high-density computing on site. Soluna's flagship site in Dakhla is class 1, with winds reaching more than 35 km / h, making it one of the highest quality sites in the world.

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