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The Kingdom of Cherif will put into operation, next October, the largest complex solar thermal concentration (CSP) in the world: Noor Ouarzazate, a total capacity of 580 megawatts (MW), including 510 in Csp. The progress of this megaproject, which propels Morocco to the rank of "solar superpower", was the subject of a working session chaired by the Sovereign in April 2018 at the Royal Palace of Rabat.

commissioning of Noor Ouarzazate will mark a historic milestone for the year 2018 for the Moroccan Solar Plan on a worldwide scale. The working session is organized as part of the regular and regular monitoring by the Sovereign of the implementation of the renewable energy development strategy. According to Mustapha Bakkoury, president of Moroccan agency for sustainable energy (Masen), the whole Ouarzazate complex will be operational in October 2018, as well in its component Csp (Central I, II and III) as photovoltaic (Central IV).

solar complex Noor Ouarzazate has been developed in several phases, for a total investment of more than 24 billion DH, not counting the common infrastructures developed by Masen and the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water for the needs of developers . The first phase, inaugurated in February 2016, concerns Noor Ouarzazate I, a CSP plant with parabolic cylindrical mirrors with a capacity of 160 MW and a storage capacity of 3 hours.

The second phase consists of the production of two separate CSP plants, with storage capacities of up to 8 hours: Noor Ouarzazate II, with parabolic mirrors with a power of 200 Mw, and Noor Ouarzazate III, with a power of 150 Mw, based on technology in turn. The third phase concerns Noor Ouarzazate IV, developed as part of "Noor PV I", a 100% photovoltaic program also including Noor Laayoune (80 Mw) and Noor Boujdour (20 Mw).

Once fully operational, the Noor Ouarzazate complex will generate enough electricity for more than one million homes by reducing the country's energy dependence by about 2.5 million tons of oil and its carbon emissions of 760,000 tons per year. Noor Ouarzazate is the first solar complex in a series of projects, under development or under study, planned by the Noor Solar Plan, which is part of the Kingdom's desire to generate 52% of its electricity from renewable sources of electricity. by 2030.

Among those programmed in the short term, Noor-Midelt will include two hybrid technology plants, combining Csp (thermosolar) and PV (photovoltaic) with a total power exceeding 800 megawatts. The construction works will start in early 2019. In addition there is the project Noor PV II with a capacity of more than 800 MW and will be available in several provinces (Laayoune, Boujdour, Taroudant, Kelaa Sraghna, Khouribga, Lhajeb, Guercif , Sidi Bennour and Jerada).

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