Lunar eclipse: snapshots of a rare show

In the high, at the Observatory of Makes or Maïdo, the West, the South and even the North, despite some clouds more or less dense, the Reunionese did not miss this exceptional event.

The stars made their show. The Earth, the moon and the sun are thus lined up in a slow and poetic broom, giving rise to sometimes furtive and especially rare images. Full, white, the moon was gradually hidden in the shadow of the Earth, to reveal itself for a few moments in a red-orange hue.

Many were able to capture these moments. So, until we can see it again with the naked eye, in 2025, here are the most beautiful shots of this spectacle offered by the stars.

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© MCinematography

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Reportage of Valérie Lusang and Willy Fontaine, at the Makes Observatory

Total lunar eclipse since the Observatory of the Makes

Report – Meeting the 1st – Valérie Lusang and Willy Fontaine

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