France lacks respect for Senegalese, even at home! (By Mandiaye Gaye)

In Senegal, a visa application at the French consulate, even if properly deposited, can last more than two months without any explanation. And the visa applicants of those last days will not contradict me. For the Senegalese, today it is the cross and the flag to obtain a visa within a reasonable normal time. And, in view of the Senegalese authorities, who, like the carpets, observe and leave the Consulate of France and the visa center for the VFS Global of France in Dakar, as well as it seems.

In fact, the attitude of the French authorities is no more than the obvious evidence of lack of respect towards the Senegalese authorities, who consider them in the background as their simple subordinates. And this inconceivable French attitude implies that the previous relations, between colonial France and colonial Senegal, have changed, not a little, but slightly. However, despite the independence of Senegal and its alleged national sovereignty, from 58 years of age. That is to say, it is an unnecessary and patriotic behavior in our country that allows France to continue acting like Senegal in the past. Yes, because Senegal also accepts to submit, and completely, to the wishes of France, the most extravagant and unacceptable, without blaming or demanding mutual respect. And, in fact, it seems the rider between his rider and his horse.

Currently, and in the current state of affairs, France has all the privileges in Senegal, without equivalent counterpart, for our country. And as evidence, Senegal has given France large exorbitant facilities in both fields, both commercially and industrially and tourism. As a result, the entry and circulation of its nationals is without a visa. And, at the expense of Senegal, because almost anything, in exchange for nothing. On the other hand, it is almost a total restriction, which is synonymous with discrimination against Senegalese who are eager to enter French territory more easily. This hostile attitude, of the French state against the Senegalese, is an insult that France throws at our figure, such leading doctors. This degraded treatment of the French people in our case is the favor that other previous colonial authorities have in visas, to the nationals of their former colonies. But, in the case of this case, it must be admitted that it is entirely the fault of the Senegalese authorities who agree to satisfy, as a colonized state, all the demands of France, without demanding a counterpart, equivalent. And that is why France treats us as a department, not equal to equality and relations based on the principle of reciprocity. As the defenders of their friends say: "The cord executes its order according to its personality and holding it in front of it" or otherwise, "whoever becomes a sheep, the wolf eats it"

And, in the case of the young Senegalese suicide, in the court of Boulogne Billancourt in France, the French authorities wanted to repatriate the force, in the framework of the degrading treatment and the lack of respect, which are the Africans, Object at home and in France . This drama is the responsibility of the French authorities as well as the Senegalese authorities. Because this young man was neither terrorist nor violent, but simply someone who entered irregularly in France and did not want to return to his country to find the same living conditions. executable In fact, this young man who was saying, instead of dying, is that the return to my country is, of course, only to know the exact reason, why. And this drama must underline, deeply and indirectly, the conscience of the French authorities, human rights organizations and the judge who condemned him without thinking and without worrying about reality. What the child lived in his country. But should he, however, be forced blindly or automated, closing his eyes on the motivations that led the child at the end of his day to return to his home country?

This drama, deeply regrettable, shows that the French state is, in fact, amesivo. Because he forgot, in fact, that the grandparents, the Senegalese, had given their lives in the two world wars to free France from the Nazi warriors. This memory, however, must be irreproachable in the historical memory of the French state, which can be its leaders today and tomorrow. Yes, the blood of the Africans, whose children are today, unwanted and considered pests on French soil, but yesterday ran on the same ground, to defend and save France. An occupation of Nazi Germany.

This treatment is irresponsible for visa applicants who, however, have even paid a mortgage in advance and, of course, are not supposed to run on the rules. So, let's say that to obtain this famous visa, beyond the border, the cost of almost 100 thousand francs (100000fcfa) must be paid shortly; with a high risk of losing them, since no reimbursement is granted for the rejection. In addition to all this, you can send an indeterminate waiting time to more than two months before receiving the exact answer to the request. Unfortunately, this treatment is more than fatal, and only results in the lack of respect for the French consul regarding Senegal and visa applicants. But, the Consulate knows better than anyone that any claim is exactly as real and accurate in time, as the invitation justifies. Looking closely and observing the behavior and processing time of the file, all documents, previously required by the Consulate, have been used for nothing, to the extent that they arrive. , practically not, on account of the review of the application. In fact, nothing, absolutely, can not justify this delay, too long, for a simple review of the visa application. Especially, if we were referring to the recent past, barely 7 years ago. At that time, when a visa application was submitted in the morning, his response was made the same night. But how, then, can the Consul explain and justify this extraordinary breach lasting from one day to almost three months? In particular, the Consulate also benefits from external assistance services. Assistance that, logically, would imply a previous work necessary to eliminate the volume of demand, thus limiting the workload to speed up the processing and delivery of the visa as soon as possible. But alas! Unfortunately, quite the opposite, because the situation is, rather, ashamed. While technology, in essence, has made substantial advances in science in the field of biometrics, which significantly reduces the work related to the identity of people in the registry.

This question about the visa is directed to France to review its behavior and lack of respect towards visa applicants, through its unacceptable treatment. Of course, it is free and sovereign to grant or reject the visa to applicants, but does not have the right, especially for a paid service, to keep records, for more than a week, for more than a week. The question is also addressed to Senegal and globally to all the former French colonies, so that they can have a more appropriate attitude towards France. Then, in the name of their proclaimed sovereignty, at least they adhere to the universal principle of reciprocity in the reports, of any kind, between the States, since it is more than the moment that the States now The French colonies start from their settlement complex that still remains in them towards France.

On 11/26/2018

Mandiaye gaye

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