First reaction of Justin Koné Katina after his arrest


Justin Koné Katinan was arrested. The facts occurred precisely at Kotoka Airport in Accra, Ghana, on the night of 11 March 2018. He was arrested by Ghanaian police.

" I returned from Africa from South around 23h. While I was waiting for my luggage, some police officers came to me and asked me to follow them . " These are the first words of Justin Koné Katinan, after his arrest

He was released on the evening of Monday, March 12th. According to his explanations, everything went well, because he claimed that it was the police who brought him his belongings and his travel documents around 10:00 in the morning. "The police told me they were wrong, and they apologized for me."

As a reminder, since 2011, Justin has been living in Ghana. In fact, he had gone to take refuge in this country. Even better, the Ivorian government had even asked for an arrest warrant for him. He is suspected of having organized a "robbery of Bceao". It was during the crisis in Abidjan. We will come back to this in future editions.



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