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This is the beautiful story of a French song: far from the cliché of meteoric beginnings, Clara Luciani had to wait almost a year before releasing “La Grenade,” her hit woman.

The name of her album “Sainte-Victoire” was apparently based on the Victoires de la musique she dedicated on Friday as a “female artist”.

But the recognition was long. The album was released in April 2018 and took nearly 12 months for “La grenade” to explode on the air. “Who are you looking at? / Have you ever seen a woman fight / Follow me / In the big white city / And I’ll show you / How I bite, while I bite barking “. Strong, electro-framed lyrics, like the 1980s revisited, hit home.

The title found a great echo in the context of #MeToo born of Harvey Weinstein’s relationship, but also entered the new feminism megaphone stream, like Angèle with “Balance ton quoi” or Suzane with “SLT” .

The refusal to “Take care / Under my breast the pomegranate / Under my breast appears” was also rejected for campaigns that screened breast cancer. “A politician wrote words in Belgium to make it an ecological anthem,” Clara Luciani said in Le Parisien. “Fortunately, it’s very close to my ideas, but I wish I had been asked for permission.”

– “The Essential Vibration” –

The record of this success still amazes this girl of a nursing assistant and bank employee today. “It took forever! + Grenada + started broadcasting true on the radio in January 2019”, still breathing for the singer. But it all goes very quickly for the long-awaited one, ensuring voices for the La Femme group or for singer Raphaël.

It will therefore be crowned as a “stage release” in February 2019. And will be a strong reminder of the days before the ceremony. “It was a singing exercise on this big afternoon that really disturbed me. I had dreams where I lost a step, I fell in front of everyone”.

“In addition, I have a disease called critical tremor,” she said in Le Parisien. “It’s neurological, hereditary, my mom has it too. So I always shake a little and there’s stress, fatigue … And the Impact, it was the first TV where it didn’t that too trembling, where you could not see how scary I was. “

At 27, native Martigues take full advantage of the performances. And sometimes as a family, given that her older sister, Léa – Ehla by her stage name – is also a singer. She was the one who presented Clara’s first role at the Olympia in April last year.

On “Sainte-Victoire” we can thus hear “My sister” whom Clara dedicates to Lea: “No one believes in you as I believe in / No one, there is no one / me even though he had to stay / No one, nobody ”.

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