Chinese girl receives 20 iPhone from her 20 boyfriends to buy a house


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She resells 20 iPhone for a house

A woman gets her 20 little friends 20 iPhone, which she sells to buy a house.

A clever woman in China has made a daring turn to raise funds for the purchase of a

His ingenious plan was to ask his 20 little friends to buy him 20 new iPhone 7.

Everyone not aware of the existence of the other and wanting to undoubtedly make the happiness of his sweetheart, bought well the smartphone.

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In the end, she is left with 20 new iPhone that she then resold to have enough money for a installment on a house.

Using the pseudonym Proud Qiaoba, a blogger gave a detailed description of how this plan was carried out by one of his colleagues, nicknamed Xiaoli.

Although the credibility of the story remains to be fully proved, the BBC has reported that it has was able to authenticate the facts.

Proud Qiaoba said she was quite surprised when Xiaoli revealed that she had sold 20 iPhones to a mobile phone recycling plant for $ 17,815 and she then used this money for the deposit of his house.

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"Everyone in the office speaks now," wrote Qiaoba in his blog, reports the BBC

"Who knows what his little friends think now that this news has become public?"

Proud Qiaoba said that Xiaoli did not come from a rich family, so she had to go out the beaten track to raise money for a house

"Her parents are growing old and she could be under great pressure to buy a house for them," she wrote.

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Chinese girl receives 20 iPhone from her 20 boyfriends to buy a house

"But it's still amazing that she can use this method."

Following this story, users of the Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo expressed their admiration for this smart plan.

"I can not even find a boyfriend, she can actually find 20 boyfriends at the same time and even get them to buy him an iPhone 7. I just want to ask him to teach me such skills, "wrote a user. 19659007] Related: A Black Elected Mayor of San Francisco

Not everyone agrees that this is a "shameless" practice.

It is more than likely that Xiaoli is not too upset by the negative comments as she is busy moving into her new nest and juggling her list of 20 boyfriends.

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