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CES 2018: two startups represented Mali at the Las Vegas show

The curtains fell on the 2018 edition of Consumers electronics show (CES). For the first time, two Malian startups were among the 4000 exhibitors at the Las Vegas show. This is the vocal social network Lenali and the solar energy supplier Yeelen Solar.

"A good opportunity". For Abdoulaye Gackou, CEO of Yeelen Solar, the World Innovation Fair is a good opportunity and especially the sign of a vitality of alien startups on a scene where the African continent is not very well represented. The two startups, he explains, represent two major challenges that Mali faces. That of access to energy for all and that of the use of social networks by out-of-school people, still the majority in the country.

In Las Vegas, Yeelen Solar presented its SOLARBOX. An innovation, which according to the entrepreneur, responds to a major energy deficiency in Mali and more particularly in rural areas. With a rate of electrification of 15%, the villagers, says Gackou, have no social life after sunset but especially few solutions to operate the electrical devices. Knowing that no extension project of electrification network is planned by the State, SOLARBOX is a solution for the rural world. Because, the energy box, mobile and without cable, can be installed anywhere. It consists of both a projector and provides lighting and power devices such as a refrigerator, a
television or cell phones. To make the box accessible to the villagers, Abdoulaye Gackou is counting on the purchase by the charity NGOs.

The second Malian startup in Las Vegas is Lenali, the social network that can be used by the "unschooled". With a voice mechanism, Lenali offers technology 2.0 to millions of people in their native languages. According to Mamadou Gouro Sidibé, its inventor, Lenali is not just reserved for a category of people like his predecessors. It encompasses most other social networks and messaging to add its own innovations.

Mamadou Issa, for SocialNetLink



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