Back to a meeting with Macky Sall, Aïssatou dies after an accident at the toll

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The toll highway has also avoided life and the cause is none other than illumination of the lighting. Between the beaches that cross the road and the lack of light, the toll road costs us a lot of life. Aïssatou, eight months old, is the last victim of this road in a tragic destination. Maguette GUEYE raises, with much bitterness, the tragedy:

"Today, I believe, will be some of the days that will mark me the most in my life, among which my goals are to grow the company, to meet the President of the Republic." Yesterday was the day I met with the President of the Republic and returned, I lost Aïssatou Aïssatou my first collaborator, Aïssatou, with whom I started using Car Rapid Prestige with 3 scooters, with whom I started to have a hundred.


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Aïssatou, the one that I won by having vehicles. It was one of these vehicles that brought him back from CICAD, where he had a fatal accident. She had come to celebrate this CRP victory as a young businesswoman. Yes, because Aïssatou was more than a collaborator, she had Quick Rapid Blood. At his burial today, he is also a CRP vehicle that took him to his last home.

Yoff's cemetery in front of his office. Today I just realized that I lost you. Aïssatou with whom we have hit so much … I am not afraid … I believe that the way you did business and about us, you will do the same from where you are.

Rest in peace Aïssatou.

You will miss us all, we will never forget you.

Peace to your soul

Maguette GUEYE,

(Malick Dabo / Senegal7)


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