Senators say they will pursue pot bill in 2021

An employee holds a jar of marijuana on sale after it became legal in the state to sell recreational marijuana to customers over the age of 21 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Illinois began legal sale of marijuana on January 1, 2020.

Matthew Hatcher | Reuters

Senate Chief Leader Chuck Schumer and two other Democratic senators said Monday that they would push to pass comprehensive legislation this year that would end federal prohibition on marijuana, which has been legalized to some extent by many states.

The senators said in a joint statement that the reform would provide so-called restorative justice for those who have been convicted of pot-related crimes.

Sugar, DN.Y. And a statement released by the censor said, “The war on drugs is a war for people – especially people of color.”

“Ending the federal marijuana prohibition is necessary to correct the missteps of this failed war and end the decades of continued damage on communities of color across the country,” he said.

“But this alone is not enough. As states continue to legalize marijuana, we must also implement measures that lift those who were unfairly targeted in the war against drugs.”

The senators said they would issue a “draft of a unified discussion on comprehensive reform” earlier this year and that passing legislation would be a priority for the Senate.

The trio also said that in addition to ending the federal pot ban and ensuring judicial justice, the law would “protect public health and enforce responsible taxes and regulations.”

Schumer co-sponsored marijuana decriminalization legislation several years ago.

The statement has come as public support for legal marijuana. A Gallup poll in November showed that 68 percent of Americans, a record high, are in favor of marijuana legalization.

In 2020 every initiative involving the legalization or legalization of marijuana was passed on the ballot.

Voters in New Jersey and Arizona elected to legalize marijuana for adult entertainment. Mississippi voted to legalize medical marijuana use, and South Dakota legalized the drug for both recreational and medical use.

So far, 15 states – along with the District of Columbia – have legalized marijuana for adult entertainment. And 36 states allow medical use of the drug.

Oregon’s home state of Oregon is the first hardened drug drink.


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