Senator John Barrasso on Pelosi’s failure to report the destruction of the statue: “The mafia has been surrendered”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, has “surrendered” to the radical left-wing “mafia” by refusing to admonish protesters who knock down historic statues and destroy monuments, the Republican senator from Friday said. Wyoming John Barrasso.

In an interview on “America’s Newsroom,” Barrasso told host Jon Scott that the Democratic Party has become extremely “radical,” “dangerous,” and “out of touch” under the control of a coalition with Socialists, Marxists, and Anarchists.


“People will do what they do,” Pelosi, a California Democrat, said during a press conference Thursday on Capitol Hill.

In his hometown of Baltimore. Maryland, where his father was mayor from 1947 to 1959 and his brother Thomas D’Alesandro III also ran the city from 1967 to 1971, protesters tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus and then threw the monument into the city. Port.

October 9, 1984: President Ronald Reagan heads to a ceremony in Baltimore to unveil a statue of Christopher Columbus. Baltimore protesters tore down the Christopher Columbus statue and dumped it into the city’s inner harbor on Saturday, July 4, 2020. (AP Photo / Lana Harris)

“It is up to the communities to decide which statues they want to see,” Pelosi said, adding that tearing down the Columbus monument “does not diminish. [her] pride in [her] American Italian heritage. “

However, the city’s mayor, Bernard C. “Jack” Young, had harsh words for protesters who destroyed the statue near Little Italy on July 4, saying he would not tolerate the destruction of property. Young said the overthrow was unacceptable and that the perpetrators, if identified, “will be brought to justice,” The Baltimore Sun reported.

Pelosi said Thursday that she is more concerned with looking to the future and that she is not married to physical monuments and tokens from the past, noting that she “did not even have [her] grandmother’s earrings. “

“This is a city, Baltimore, where Nancy Pelosi’s father was the mayor and probably contributed money and time for the placement of that statue to Christopher Columbus. Now it’s okay if he knocks it down,” Barrasso said.

“But Jon,” he said, addressing Scott, “it’s not just about the statue. It’s about all the effort to cancel a culture of this whole move to the extreme left very dangerous for our country.” [who] She wants to cancel and pay the police, she wants to go after the churches, she wants to go after freedom of expression: all those things are under attack and she is willing to wait and let it happen. “

Barrasso noted that the “whole” party was heading in that direction at the expense of the rest of the country.

“And, the kind of things they want to do, change the United States permanently, and what I think for the worse, with taking away freedom of expression, canceling who we are, where we come from … future, “he said. “She is not doing that.


“I think what he’s doing is ignoring the reality of what’s going on. And, what I’m seeing here in Wyoming, talking to people who are absolutely offended by this mob approach … and Nancy Pelosi has given up on they”. Barrasso concluded.

Marisa Schultz and Dom Calicchio of Fox News contributed to this report.