Senate Republicans sit quietly as Trump challenges votes –

Senate Republicans sit quietly as Trump challenges votes

Senate Republicans, fresh from big Election Day victory, are sitting as massive President TrumpDonald John Trumpden led Biden in Georgia ahead of Trump, gaining edge in Georgia, profiting in Pennsylvania gore: This election is over 2000 ‘completely different’ The chief faces legal challenges against vote counting in battlegrounds that are not trending in their own way.

While GOP senators are supporting Trump’s legal challenges in states such as Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, there is a limit that they will make it clear once they go that all votes are tallied.

Lack of full-support of Senate Republicans for Trump’s final attempt to stay safe in the presidential second term due to the displeasure of family members of the president on Thursday afternoon.

“The total lack of action from almost all 2024 GOP hopes is very amazing. They have the right platform to show that they are ready to fight and are capable of fighting, but they will instead attract media crowds, “Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, Tweeted.

“Don’t worry @realDonaldTrump will fight and watch as always!” He added.

Eric TrumpEric Frederick Trumpsenet Republicans sit quietly as Trump challenges Trump Jr. calls 2024 GOP hopes for ‘lack of action’ civil rights group, Sentinel formally requests Twitter to disband more Trump’s accounts Suspend it.The second adult son of the president, Tweeted: “Where are the Republicans!” Some spine is there. Fight against this fraud. Our voters will never forget you if your sheep! “

Sen Josh HolleyJoshua (Josh) David Howlessnet Republicans sit quietly as Trump counts Trump challenges to the vote. 2024 GOP calls GOP hopes for ‘lack of action’. Ocasio-Cortez McCaskill commented for Democrats leaving voters behind. (R-Mo.), A rising conservative star considered a 2024 contender, called on the Election Commission to overhaul the president to support the election law.

“If the last 24 hours have clarified anything, it is that we need new election integrity laws. Ban voting harvest, guarantee of pole watcher access, make ballot counting transparent, ”he said, promising to implement the law.

Sen Tom cottonTom Bryant Cotton the Memo: Trump hits as tide moves for Biden Senate Republican, challenged by Trump as Trump Jr. count votes. Trump Jr. calls 2024 GOP hopes for ‘lack of action’ As expected in 2024, another potential GOP president (R-Arch) responded by tweeting, “All votes that are * legally * cast should be counted” and “there is no excuse that voters will be counted.” Do not allow inspection. “

Cotton also tweeted a link to WinRed, a Republican fundraising site, to support Trump’s Legal Defense Fund.

Sen Ted cruiseRafael (Ted) Edward Crusenet Republican sits quietly as Trump counts votes Republican Bill Hegarty wins Tennessee Senate race picks challenge from Roy Roy Wendy Davis in Texas and wins to win (R-Texas) also joined the fray.

Following Trump Jr.’s complaint, Cruz tweeted that “Fox News and AP both made a big mistake in calling Arizona for Biden. Before counting votes. Trump still has a real way to win AZ. So does McSally. Even CNN accepts this. “

Cruz, the 2016 presidential candidate, retweeted a statement from Fox Business Anchor on Wednesday Maria BartiromoMaria Sarah Bartiromocenet Republicans sit quietly as Trump votes to challenge Fox’s Bartiromo: A Biden win would signal ‘massive sellout’ at Wall Street Meadows, an ‘opinion journalist’ from veteran journalist Leslie Staal Democrats are accused of “trying to steal elections in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.”

Twitter described Bartiromo’s tweet as “disputed” and potentially “misleading” about the election.

In addition, the majority of Senate Republicans largely stayed out of the fight counting votes.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Michelle McConnell: Memo: Trump hits out as tide moves for Biden Senate Republican, Trump challenges Trump as George Floyd’s brother counts: Biden’s own Want a chance to prove more. (R-Ky.) On Wednesday defended Trump’s decision to sue in several states.

“If it is a close election, perhaps both sides will be prosecuted. This has happened before and can happen this time too.

He predicted “50 different locations will have to be finalized” but cautioned “voting may take some time to finish.”

“Going to court is the way to solve the uncertainty in our country,” McConnell said, adding that Trump’s legal challenges were not troubling and not uncommon.

Strategists and Senate GOP allies say Republican senators will support Trump’s legal battles in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and other states as long as he is on solid legal grounds.

But if the president claims fraud without evidence, or if he continues to count the votes even after secretaries of state are ready to authenticate the results, his GOP support is likely to decline.

“Republicans think every legal vote should be counted. There are court and legal procedures by which you make claims. Valid claims will be taken into account and then claims out of process will be dismissed. And once again When you have all the votes counted and the claim postponed, a result will come out, ”said Scott Jennings, a Republican strategist who has advised on McConnell’s previous campaigns.

“People are largely its supporters. This is a close election. “Will there be no support [for]I think once the accepted process of counting votes and postponing claims is over, when there is nothing else to do, I don’t think there will be any tolerance for extra-judicial or extra-procedural sheenigans. “

Republican strategist and former Senate leader Ron Bonzen said GOP lawmakers would give Trump “several weeks” to suppress his legal claims.

He said, “These states will have merit and stick for counting votes and where there are challenges.” In the meantime, Senate Republicans will say the possibility of every vote count and they want to make sure the system has integrity and we cannot be premature until these states actually finalize their calculations. “

“We have to see the merits of the cases, the merits of the cases and on what basis we have to stand,” he said.

Bonzen said the Supreme Court did not settle the 2000 presidential election until December 12 of that year.

A Senate Republican aide said that GOP lawmakers would back Trump’s legal battle, unless he had merit.

“I think they have some validity for the lawsuits, some substance behind them. If they do, I think the president will get a fair amount of respect,” the aide said, warning that unless As long as there are no legal challenges, “will not be trivial.

But the aide warned that the support of Republican senators will be lost if Trump falls further behind.

“If he loses all of these states – Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania – it’s going to be very hard to sustain any kind of legal challenges,” the source said.

McConnell promised this fall that there would be a “systematic change” of power after the election. He tweeted his remarks after Trump refused to accept the results of the November 3 election, told reporters he “must see” and warned of mail-in voting fraud.

“Ballots are out of control. You know it, and you know who knows it better than anyone else? Democrats know this better than anyone else, ”he said in September.

The Trump campaign said in a call with reporters on Thursday that it was trying to curb the counting of post-ballots if postmarks indicated they were mailed the day after Election Day.

The Trump campaign said they are looking for a “magical pile of ballots” that “magically come after the election,” an official said on the call.

The campaign declared victory after it was ruled by an appellate court in Pennsylvania that it would allow ballots to be counted. The campaign tried to block the ballot count until it was granted.

It has also supported an effort by the state’s Republicans to block voters who put the flawed ballots to fix with provisional ballots.

In Michigan, the Trump campaign attempted to block the vote count, unless granted access to follow the process, which was denied by a state court.

The campaign also requested a withdrawal in Wisconsin.

The Associated Press and several networks have called Michigan and Wisconsin for the Democratic nominee. Joe BidenJoe Biden draws Biden ahead of Trump in Georgia Biden takes edge in Georgia, makes gains in Pennsylvania gore: This election is ‘completely different’ from 2000.

State officials are still counting votes in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Bob Baird, a senior legal adviser to the Biden campaign, dismissed Trump’s challenges as “lowliness”.

“Litigation is merit free. Their aim should be to give the Trump campaign an opportunity to argue to stop counting the vote. It is not going to stop, ”he told reporters on Thursday. “This is to create an opportunity for them to give a false message about what’s going on in the election process.”


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