Senate rejects GOP proposal to declare Trump impeachment test unconstitutional

The Senate Homeland Security Committee, on its confirmation, voted to pursue Alejandro Mayorkas’ nomination as Secretary of Homeland Security, claiming a full Senate vote.

The committee on Tuesday voted 7 to 4 to send its nomination to the Senate floor, with an additional vote against nomination by proxy. GOP senators Ron Johnson, James Lankford, Rick Scott, Josh Hawley and Rand Paul voted against giving Mayurakas a full Senate vote.

Mayurakas testified before the committee last week.

Johnson led the charge among his protesters, expressing concern over the 2015 report of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that a program for wealthy immigrant investors from well-connected Democrats Mayurakas pushed for approval of applications when he served as director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The outgoing president said, “My priority would not be to wash this dirty laundry in public. I hoped that President Biden would have a better understanding of the nomination and carry it forward with the nomination.” He later said, “I have had a good relationship with Mr. Mayurakas as deputy secretary of DHS and I hope to work with him if he is confirmed as secretary. I simply do not support his nomination And I will urge the members. Also. ”

GOP senators Rob Portman and Mitt Romney expressed their concerns regarding the 2015 report, but ultimately voted in favor of pushing their nomination through the upper house.

“In just four years I ended up having a president who, I would say generously, had a relaxed relationship with the truth. And I think we want the highest level of integrity in government positions,” Romney commented Ki, assuming that Mayurakas accepted. In a private conversation he vowed to learn their errors and from them.

“It’s a tough one,” Portman admitted. Ultimately, the senator from Ohio argued that Mayorkas’ fate had already been sealed. “She is being confirmed. The question is how soon she is going to happen,” he told his colleagues, noting the importance of placing a secretary at the helm of DHS after the solar winds cyber attack.

Soon Democratic chairman Gary Peters urged colleagues to “confirm Mayorkas” as much as possible. “

“In fact, every day this confirmation process is delayed, the cyber threats posed by domestic terrorists to the American people and our national security risks and the current epidemic and so much more ongoing threats,” Peters said.

The senators wished Portman well after his announcement that he would retire from the Senate in 2022. Romney then said with a laugh, “Don’t be too worried about him leaving, as he is organizing his campaign for president.”


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