Senate passes bill with plans to replace federally-designated targets on Trump veto threat

The Senate on Thursday passed a Mammoth Defense Policy Bill, which provoked the veto threat President TrumpDonald John Trumptramp says he would be comfortable sending positives for COVID-19 to send school, grandson, son of cafeteria worker on White House grounds: Republicans to start unveiling coronovirus package on Thursday On the inclusion of a plan to rename Aadhaars in the name of Confederate figures.

The Senate voted 86–14 on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Above a two-thirds majority it would be to override a potential veto, although senators could flip their votes on a possible override.

The Senate vote comes days after the House passed its version of the annual NDAA. The two chambers will now have to settle their bills and prepare the final deal, but with plans to rename the bases of both versions it will be difficult to keep the issue out of the final agreement.

The Senate bill includes a broad framework for Pentagon policy initiatives and allocates a total of $ 740.5 billion, including $ 636.4 billion for the Pentagon’s base budget, $ 25.9 billion for national security programs within the Department of Energy, and the Overseas Contingency $ 69 billion for the operations account, a war fund that is not subject to the budget cap.

But the language of renaming the Confederate bases quickly emerged as a flashpoint after protests against racial injustice and a national focus on tribute from the Confederacy, including statues and military installations.

The Senate’s bill would constitute a commission with plans to change the names of the grounds. The Secretary of Defense then implemented the plan presented by the Commission … and removed all the names, symbols, demonstrations, monuments and contradictions that honor or praise the Confederate States of America … or any person Who volunteered with the Confederate. All assets of the US Department of Defense are being enacted within three years of the US bill.

The language was agreed upon by a voice vote in the Senate Armed Services Committee, but it provoked a veto threat from Trump.

“If I amend Elizabeth” Pocahontas “Warren (of all people!) I will veto the Defense Authorization Bill, renaming Fort Bragg, Fort Robert E. Lee, and many other military people (other bad things!) Will go. The cases by which we have won two world wars are in the bill! “Trump tweeted earlier this month.

Senate Republicans have urged Trump to step back from his veto threat, arguing that it is time for the country to rethink who it wants to memorialize.

“Well, I hope the president doesn’t actually veto the bill on this issue … I hope the president reconsiders the entire defense bill, including a wage increase for our troops, which may have a provision.” Change of name, “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellEdison (Mich.) Michelle McConnell Repelians begin unveiling coronovirus package on Thursday after GOP may face options on tax cuts or incentive checks Hillican Valley: Twitter banned thousands of QAN accounts. The Senate stimulus bill increases Bipartisan support for election funds. Senate committee moves bill to ban Tickcock from Federal Devices More (R-Ky.) Told Fox News soon after Trump’s veto threat.

Sen Chuck GrassleyCharles (Chuck) Ernest Grasslegop may face choice over tax cut or incentive check White House, senior Republicans pour cold water on short-term unemployment expansion GOP short-term unemployment expansion more (R-Iowa) predicted earlier this month that Republicans would stop the “probably” of the bill, the first time for the Trump administration.

Sen Josh HolleyJoshua (Josh) David Howhillican Valley: Twitter banned thousands of QAnon accounts. The Senate stimulus bill increases Bipartisan support for election funds. Senate Committee Overruns Bill to Ban Tickcock from Federal Devices: Senate plans to pass defense bill with requirement to change Confederate base names. Chief Senator revolves around Germany. Space Force elected supemper supra ‘as motto Senate Homeland Security Committee moves bill to ban Tiktok from government equipment (R-Mo.) Filed an amendment to change the language, removing the mandate by the Pentagon to carry out the plan. Instead a year commission will have to be made to study the issue and determine what to do about the bases. The amendment did not receive a vote.

During the Senate debate, fighting over bases named Confederate was not just a hot button topic.

Senators rejected a broad range on what weapons the military could transfer to police departments, an issue that criticized videos of police using such devices in response to protests.

Instead the Senate agreed to include more limited restrictions on the transfer of bayonets, grenades, armed combat vehicles and armed drones. Amendment, from Sen. Jim inhoeJames (Jim) Mountain Inhoffgop Senate Chairman’s Bench Overthrow Germany Defense: The House passed a defense bill that Trump threatened to veto. In a secret voice about officers wearing army costumes, the Senate rejected widespread restrictions on the transfer of military-grade equipment to police grades (R-Okla.), Law enforcement also needs to be trained in de-escalation and the constitutional rights of citizens.

Sen Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt Romneysenet GOP and White House Overcome Billions Strike for Coronovirus Testing Overnight Defense: Senate plans to pass defense bill with requirement to change Aadhaar bill names. Chief Senator revolves around Germany. Space Force has chosen ‘Semper Supra’ as the Chairman of the Moto GOP Senate, which attracts Germany more (R-Utah) had offered bipartisan amendments to restrict Trump’s ability to reduce the US military presence in Germany. He voted against ending the debate on the Senate bill, but eventually voted on the bill’s final passage, as he did not get a vote on his proposal.

“The withdrawal of 10,000 troops from Germany is a very bad idea,” he said. First of all, it is a major ally, a friend and a slap in the face in a great country, ”Romney said during a Senate floor speech.

Democrats wanted to use the bill’s response to recent protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd, which requires federal law enforcement uniforms to identify an individual and their agency, their activities on federal property and in the immediate vicinity Limit the area unless there is a Governor or Mayor. Requests more assistance and informs publicly the number of personnel deployed and the tasks they perform.

But that amendment did not get a vote.

Sen said, “It would be right for me to argue my simple amendment.” Jeff merkleJeffrey (Jeff) Alan Merkleillet shut down nonsense about federal agents in Portland Pelosi, condemned ‘disgusting abuses of power’ by Trump against Oregon protesters, federal agents stationed in Portland not training in riot control: NYT MORE (D-Ore.) On Thursday. “We should debate this. If people disagree with this, they should stand up and explain why. …. You know how rare it is for senators to come down and actually have a dialogue and debate? ”