Senate Panel Seeks Documents Investigating DHS Whistleblower Complaint

The Senate Intelligence Committee is investigating a recent whistleblower complaint by a Homeland Security Department (DHS) official, alleging that he was pressured to change intelligence reports with whom he aligned President TrumpDONALD JOHN TRUMPWAREN: I think Trump does not share classified information after the Woodward book that Trump told the epidemic NYT reporter removed from Trump’s rally in MichiganRhetoric.

Sens. Marco RubioMarco Antonio Rubiope senators say coronovirus is dead until after the election, with the Intel panel requesting the GOP to share information for the Obama-era investigation. Hill’s 12:30 report – submitted by Facebook – Woodward Book Ruttles and more (R-Fla.) And Mark warnerMark Robert Warnarmikos has targeted Russia, China and Iran over the US election, warning that the Intel panel has requested information sharing for the Obama-era investigation of the GOP. (D-Va.), Acting Chair and Vice Chairman of the Intelligence Panel, wrote to DHS Deputy General Counsel Joseph Maihar on Thursday, asking for documents related to the whistleblower complaint, according to a letter previously stated by Reuters.

The complaint, filed by Carrier DHS officer Brian Murphy, alleges that political appointees sought to modify or suppress covert intelligence to match or support Trump’s public comments on various issues. Among Murphy’s most notable claims, most recently serving as the head of DHS’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), authorities pressured him to stop producing intelligence reports focused on Russian intervention efforts. Dala and instead focused on the threats posed by China and Iran. .

The senators wrote to DHS’s attorney, “If true, it raises serious concerns about the fairness and fairness of intelligence analysis and potential disregard for the role of I&A in the department.”

“As the committee investigates the matter, we request you to provide the committee with all intelligence assessments produced by I&A relating to Mr. Murphy’s complaint including but not limited to products related to migration and asylum, Foreign interference in US elections, and the domestic threat are related to white supremacism, antifa and ‘anarchist groups’. “”

Hill previously reported that the Senate panel planned to investigate Murphy’s complaint.

The Trump administration has pushed against Murphy’s allegations, saying the complaint this week is not “true to merits”.

Nevertheless, Democrats have captured Murphy’s claims, alleging that they are further evidence that the intelligence community has been politicized under the Trump administration.

Chairman of House Intelligence Committee Adam shiffAdam Bennett SchiffWhistleblower alleged that DHS top officials sought to change intelligence products to fit Trump’s comments, socially and environmentally just one way to fight climate change why race ‘Trump known’ vs. ‘ Unknown ‘has made more (D-California.) Told Maihar on Friday that his panel would go on to expand a House investigation beyond intelligence activities in Port Ore to include claims of political interference and that the politicization of intelligence led to Murphy’s complaint Picked up.

“The committee has continued to investigate the activities of I&A in Portland and in support of the department’s protests … However, based on information that has recently come to light, the committee’s investigation now reviews widely-perceived disputes There should be further review. Schiff said, “Shortcomings, and problems, including allegations of improper politicization of intelligence and political interference in the mission and activities of I&A,” Schiff said.

Murphy said he was reappointed earlier this year to the role of Deputy Under Secretary for the management division of DHS, a move he has described as a vengeful feeling. The agency has denied their allegations.