Senate leaders talk of rank-and-file COVID-19 deal

Senators said that there is a possibility of G.R.oup’s centrist Republicans and Democrats are coming together on a compromise coronovirus relief package, which is slim to none due to pressure from the leadership of their respective parties.

Santrist senators, who are usually expected to have sideline talks, say there is little activity despite the apparent collapse of negotiations between the White House and Democratic leaders.

They say that because the leadership on both sides of the aisle has reduced the possibility of a rump-group dialogue two months before the election, in which future Senate control will be decided.

Republican senators say Senate minority leader Charles SchumerChuck SchumerOvernight Health Care: Schumer calls Azar to resign over ‘anarchy’ in coronovirus response CNN’s Kramer calls Pelosi ‘crazy Nancy’ in live interview (DN.Y.) has asked its Democratic allies not to dilute their leadership by working on a side deal with the GOP.

“The big problem here is Sen. Schumer has decided that negotiations should not take place. Right now, we are not even in a position to talk to the rank and file Democrats because they have been asked not to negotiate.iate, ”said Sen. Marco RubioMarco Antonio Rubio Hill’s Morning Report – Sponsored by the Air Line Pilots Association – Trump, Biden May Not Be Different on Climate Change Congress Should Support Independent Inspection of Federal Prisons (R-Fla.), Chairman of the Senate Small Business Committee, which has jurisdiction over the popular paycheck protection program.

Senate majority whip John thunJohn Randolph ramps up attack on Democrats for talking about Nixing film on ThuneGOP money: Pelosi says House will stay in session until stimulus deal is reached. Trump’s lack of votes on disputed Fed pick GOP | WTO Trump Trump Tariff Rules on Chinese Goods Unlawfully Reduced Vote on Trump’s Controversial Fed Pick Peacock (RS.D.) said Senate Democratic leadership has “crushed” any attempt to negotiate separately with rank and file Democrats on scale-down relief measures.

“I hope we Could sit together. I think there are people who will, but I think thatYear leadership has been crushed in such a way that they will have a majority after the election, ”he said.

$ 500 billion The $ 700 billion proposal, which included $ 105 billion to help colleges and schools resume, and $ 300 per week federal unemployment aid, failed to get a single Democratic vote last week.

A centrist Democratic senator is keen to pass the coronovirus relief law over the next several weeks, which contradicts the speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosipilosi tries to pressurize the GOP in the COVID-19 relief fight, over money: Pelosi says the House will remain in session until a stimulus deal is reached. GOP’s low vote on Trump’s disputed Fed Pick | WTO rules Trump tariffs on Chinese goods Illegal Democratic lawmakers call for investigation into allegations of medical neglect at Georgia ICE facility (D-California.), Schumer has not given affiliates the green light to put together their own proposal.

The legislator said Pelosi on Wednesday allowed House Centrist to unveil her 1.5 million trillion relief proposal, although she said she does not support it.

“It’s time to do something, but the question is whether we can talk to the people,” the senator said. “You can’t get out in front of this stuff when you have majority and minority leaders saying different things on the floor.”

“Schumer and McConnell never like to talk to their people,” the senator said, referring to the Senate’s prominent leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Michelle McConnellgope attacks owner of Nixing Filmbuster MLB alleging attacks on Democrats: It’s’ too necessary ‘to vote for Trump Delta: Early departure saves flight attendants’ jobs (R-Ky.). “As I understand it, Pelosi gave his people a green light for discussion.”

A prominent centrist is Sen, usually in the midst of attempts to form bipartisan gangs. Susan CollinsTrump’s controversial Fed Pick Congress’ lack of votes for Susan Margaret Collinsgop will have to save Congress from breaking up the Postal Service – our economy depends on Garcetti: I would have acted sooner if Trump hadn’t dropped the virus (R. Main). But he is a top Democratic political target among the toughest reunion races of his Senate career.

A few weeks before Election Day, Democrats have little interest in handing out their major policy victories, and Collins has kept a lower profile than in previous years.

A bipartisan group of about 50 House Democrats and Republicans in the Problem Solvers Caucus on Wednesday proposed a $ 1.5 trillion package that would provide state and local governments with a $ 1,200 stimulus check, another round of $ 500 billion and $ 600 a week Will increase federal unemployment. Benefit.

Pelosi said during a conference call with colleagues on Tuesday that she was clinging to her position, something she later confirmed in an interview with CNBC.

“A thin deal is a Republican bill.” This is not a deal, ”she told CNBC host Jim Kramer.

He argued that Congress should “spend a fair amount of money to meet the needs of the American people” at a time “by spending billions of dollars the federal is saving our economy in other ways with monetary policy.”

Schumer asked about the Problem Solvers plan, saying Tuesday that he is sticking with his and Pelosi’s calls for a $ 2.2 trillion package.

“The Chairman and I stand by our position. We are ready to meet the president in between, ”he said, referring to the $ 1.1 trillion GOP proposal the White House supported in July and the $ 3.4 trillion Hero Act that House Democrats passed in May.

Senate Democrats say McConnell and White House Chief of Staff Mark meadowsMark Randall MeadowsCNBC’s Kramer called Pelosi ‘crazy Nancy’ in live interview, makes COVID-19 under pressure Pelosi defends not to talk to Trump for almost a year Coronoviruses are the biggest hurdles in reaching the deal.

“I think it comes down to one word: McConnell,” said Sen. Richard Blumental (D-Con.). “They have created an environment and perhaps specific imperatives that prevent their members from any bipartisan engagement.”

He said the Treasury Secretary Steven MnuchinSteven Turner MnuchinHillicon Valley: TikTok, Oracle takes Trump’s approval as clock winds. 400K people arrested for hacking on US websites after Iranian general’s death Register to vote on Snapchat TikTok, Oracle calls for clock ticking as Trump approves The idea of ​​negotiating a $ 1.5 trillion package has floated, but McConnell has stepped in the opposite direction by putting a $ 500 billion proposal on the floor last week.

“The failure of leadership, purposefully or unintentionally, discourages my Republican colleagues to engage,” Blumental said.

McConnell spent the last week of August making regular conference calls with Republican colleagues to spend $ 500 billion to $ 700 billion behind the coronovirus relief bill that swept 52 Republican votes to the floor last week.

Sen Lindsey grahamSenators of Lindsay Olin Grahamgoop say that coronovirus has died until after the election. Tucker Carlson accused Lindsey Graham of persuading Trump to speak to the Woodward Trump courts. (RS.C.) raised hopes of a Senate gang emerging to seek common ground between the parties to pass the Coronoires Relief Bill before elections last week, but then quickly dismissed the possibility.

Graham said on Tuesday that leadership on both sides had shown no interest in stepping up rank and file associates to negotiate a deal.

“If the leadership is not interested … they are the primary players here,” he said.

Many senators stated that Sen. Joe ManchinJoseph (Joe) ManchinOVERNIGHT Energy: House Democrats Vote Next Week on Climate-Focused Energy Bill EPA Re-Appoints Controversial Leader to Air Quality Advisory Committee Coronavirus Delayed for ‘Forever Chemicals’ Choice in Pentagon Research Senate Democrats demand controversial fire chief of public land agency White House House Democrats vote on climate-focused energy bill next week. (DW.Va.) has conceived the idea of ​​bringing a proposal along the lines of the Problem Solvers plan, but the discussion is limited to a small group.

Manchin said on Tuesday that he is studying the problem solvers’ plans, but is not planning to release his proposal anytime soon.

“I have no intention of doing so right now. No one, ”he said.

“I think they are still negotiating. If they are still negotiating, why would we jump into it and mess it up?” He said of the conversation between the White House and Democratic leaders.