Senate Donor Backlash Fuel GOP Alarm About Fund Raising

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republicans are worried that a corporate backlash campaign provoked by the deadly Capitol Rebellion could siphon a significant stream of cash, complicating the party’s chances of recapturing the Senate in the next election.

The GOP already faces a tough Senate map in 2022, when 14 Democratic-held seats and 20 Republicans will be on the ballot. It includes at least two open seats that Republicans will defend due to the retirement of the GOP censor. Pat Tommy of Pennsylvania and Richard Burr of North Carolina.

But some party members say that the problem may be bigger than the map. Eight Republican senators voted to reject Electoral College votes for President-Elect Joe Biden, even after the congregation was vandalized by hordes of Donald Trump supporters, who proofed Biden’s victory by Congress There was a counter-protest by the President to prevent from. The scuffle killed five people, including a Capitol police officer.

Recreation took place rapidly in more than a dozen corporate giants – as well as AT&T, Nike, Comcast, Dow, Marriott, Walmart, and Verizon, promising to donate to Republican lawmakers who won election results in Arizona or Pennsylvania. Voted to dismiss. One of those lawmakers, Florida Sen. Rick Scott, is the new chair of the National Republican Sanatorial Committee, a post that makes him the public face of Senate Republican fundraising efforts.

“This is the root of the issue: is it a storm that will end, or … challenging (Biden) Electoral College Certification a Scarlet ‘A’?” Republican donor Dan Eberhardt, who has contributed at least $ 115,000 to Senate Republican efforts in recent years.

Lost contribution is not destructive in itself. Political action committees controlled by corporations and industry groups are limited to giving $ 5,000 to one candidate per year, a piece of fundraising specific to most Senate candidates.

But two senior Republican strategists involved in the Senate race say the cumulative impact of the companies’ decisions could have a major impact.

The two strategists, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal strategic deliberations, say that suspended political giving companies are also sending a powerful signal to their officers, board members and employees to whom they have been donated. should do. With Scott at the helm of the NRSC, it could affect the committee’s cash flow, he said.

Adding to the concerns, other GOP fundraising pillars – including groups associated with the US Chamber of Commerce, the National Rifle Association and the Koch brothers – can no longer count for strong financial support.

The NRA announced on Friday that it had filed for bankruptcy after years of opposition spending and insider dealing with top leaders. The Chamber of Commerce, which angered some Republicans when it recently began donating to Democrats, announced this week that it would block contributions from some Republicans to their actions. And Coach Network also announced that it would investigate who it gives to comply with the insured, as first reported by The Street Journal.

Chamber’s Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley said, “There are some members who will block their support of the US Chamber of Commerce from their action.” “Our PAC will continue to support candidates who demonstrate that type of commitment to governance and democratic norms and our priorities.”

One of the most influential Republican megadonors, Sheldon Adelson died in recent times. This puts more pressure on the NRSC and the Senate Leadership Fund, the leading Senate Republican outside the group, to cover the gap.

Even before last week’s violence, Republicans censored. Ted Cruz of Texas and Josh Hawley of Missouri drew ire widely for major efforts to challenge Biden’s victory. Since the attack on the Capitol, both have come with harsh criticism from editorial boards and influential donors, including a call to resign. Both are likely seen as contenders for the 2024 White House.

He was followed by Scott, a wealthy businessman and former Florida governor. He also objected to Biden’s victory.

“Daily reminder, Senate Republicans have chosen one of a handful of senators who supported the big false death and destruction in the Capitol, their political leader,” Missouri Sen. Tweeted Claire McAskill, a Democrat, who was evicted by Hawley. “Rick Scott is in charge of the organization that seeks the election of R.”

Scott’s new position as NRSC chair is widely viewed as a possible 2024 run proposal and one that will bring him into closer contact with the Republican Party’s national network of largest donors.

On Wednesday, Scott issued a video message after handling NRSC that was heavy on his biography and light on his plan to help Republicans win. According to three Republican strategists, some Republicans, who Scott believes hold Scott at the NRSC to help build a national donor network for an expected presidential race.

“I have won four statewide elections. All races were close. In the process, I raised a lot of money and spent my own fortune, ”Scott said in the video. “I can say this with confidence: I will never ask a potential donor to contribute what I have already given.”

NRSC spokesman and Senator’s aide Chris Hartline said in a statement that Scott was the party’s “best fundraiser” and that the committee had no interest in talking nonsense to DC advisers who have no idea what they are about. I am talking “

“Senator Scott has clarified that if people want higher taxes, more regulation, bigger government and nationalized health care, they should feel free to give to Democrats,” Hartline said.

Some say it is too early to tell if corporate backlash will actually harm Republicans. They should note that this is a period when elections are generally accompanied by less fundraising activity. And some believe that, as Washington comes under unified democratic control, trade groups will once again find common cause with Republicans.

Republican strategist, Scott Reid said, “A lot of things about this are premature and short-lived.” He said, ‘A re-regulation crowd is gathering in Congress and the White House. This is a decision many people will regret. “

The eight GOP senators who voted to uphold objections to the Electoral College count included Cruz, Hawley, Scott, Cindy Hyde Smith of Mississippi, John Kennedy of Louisiana, Roger Marshall of Kansas, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama and Cynthia Loomis of Wyoming Were.


Associated Press writer Alan Fram contributed to this report.


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