Senate Democrats hold talkathon to oppose Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination

Senate Democrats are talking for an hour to oppose the judge Amy Connie BarrettAmy Connie BarrettTrump suspects Donors may keep GOP Senate: Report shows senators battle Sunday over supreme court nominee in Saturday’s session: Trump, Biden election day for final sprint and moreSupreme Court nomination

Democrats are vowing to occupy the floor on Monday morning, as the Senate pulled an all-nighter ahead of a final vote to confirm Barrett of the Supreme Court.

“Senate Democrats are taking to the floor all night to fight this shameless process by Senate Republicans. We will not stop fighting,” Senate Minority Leader Charles SchumerChuck Schumertrump doubts donors may hold GOP Senate: Report Trump announces inauguration of five ties between Sudan and Israel over Iran, Russia election interference More (DN.Y.) tweeted Sunday night.

Democrats are powerless to stop the confirmation of Barrett since every Republican senator except GOP Sen. Susan CollinsSusan Margaret Kollinstrump doubts donors may hold GOP Senate: Report Murkowski says she will vote in the Supreme Court on Monday to confirm Barrett. Biden’s hard oil czar Democrats more in tough race (Maine) – who does not believe there should be a vote before the election – is expected to vote on Monday to confirm it.

But Democrats are using floor speeches, which they are exposing on social media, to try to build awareness and rail against the decision by Republicans a few days before the election, which stemmed from Justice’s death Have to fill the vacancy. Ruth Bader GinsburgRuth Beder Ginsberg McConnell drops Barrett nomination, sets up rare weekend sessionJayme Harrison raises million in two weeks for South Carolina Senate bid Dozens of legal experts weigh in behind Supreme Court term limits.

Sen Michael bennettMichael Farand Bennetkotten mocked the NY Times over claims of non-partisanship, promising to submit op-eds as test Democrats to extend child tax credit OVERNIGHT ENERGY: House Democrats next week climate-focused energy bill Cast a vote on EPA re-appoints controversial leader for Air Quality Advisory Committee Coronavirus delays Pentagon research to substitute for ‘chemicals forever’ (D-Colo.) Argued that Republicans were going to turn the Supreme Court “into just another political body” and that most of the Senate leaders Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Michelle McConnelltrump suspects donors may hold GOP Senate: Report shows preview of senators’ fight Sunday against Supreme Court nominee in Saturday’s session: Trump, Biden election for final sprint Day and (R-Ky.) “Can’t or will not think beyond narrow selfishness.”

“We have a Senate … where words have lost their meaning. Party advantage determines every action. … Deliverance is no longer necessary because the conclusions are all in advance,” Bennett said.

Sen Jack reidJohn (Jack) Francis ReadOvernight Defense: Chairman of the Armed Services Unheard of reducing the defense budget. The Democratic Senate report details the ‘damage, anarchy’ of Trump’s foreign policy. The administration approved. 8B Taiwan arms sales Overnight Defense: Famous Navy SEAL calls Trump out. Yemen’s Houthi rebels liberate two Americans | Trump exacerbates minor military crises against Marine Fire Commander Gold Star families after fatal training accident (DR.I.) warned Republicans that they would endorse Barrett and cause “permanent damage to both this institution and the Supreme Court”.

Sen Robert menendezRobert (Bob) Menendezwechdog confirms to the State Department. Canceled award for journalist who hosted the show to host MSNBC’s Joe Morning Joe ‘criticizing Trump Kasi Hunt, senators asked for removal of tariffs on EU food, wine, spirits: report more (DN.J.) called the GOP plan an “obscene power grab” that was “poisoning the wells of the Senate.”

Barrett’s nomination came four years after Republicans refused to give him Merrick GarlandIn the Saturday session of Supreme Court nominee Merrick Bryan Garlandsenators’ fight, McConnell dropped the Barrett nomination, setting up a rare weekend session. Republican Advance Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination after Democrats boycott committee vote, Then President Obama’s last Supreme Court nominee, a hearing or a vote.

Republicans argue that the political shift from 2016, when a Democrat was in the White House to 2020, when Republicans control both the presidency and the Senate, is a major difference, according to precedent.

“The Senate is doing the right thing. We are pursuing this nomination. By tomorrow night, we will have a new member of the United States Supreme Court, ”McConnell said earlier on the Senate floor on Sunday.

But Republicans will set a new record for how a Supreme Court nominee for a presidential election can be confirmed. Earlier, the closest candidate to the Supreme Court was confirmed in July.

“I agree with Mitch McConnell [who said] On February 13, 2016, ‘The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court justice. Therefore this vacancy should not be filled unless we have a new President. Angus KingAngus KingCollins Says Running as Independent ‘Crosses My Mind’ Susan Collins and US Heritage Coordinated Federal Leadership Required for Recovery of American Travel and Tourism (I-Main).

“Eight months before the election. If it is confirmed tomorrow, it will be eight days before the election. It does not directly pass the face test,” he said.

Many Democrats warned about the 6-3 conservative Supreme Court’s impact on health. Democrats are worried that Barrett will strike under the Affordable Care Act in a case heard by the court on 10 November.

Barrett indicated during his confirmation hearing that he felt Obamacare could survive, even if the court overturned the individual mandate, which Senate Republicans zeroed in as part of their tax bill.

“My Republican colleagues know they can count on him to provide a decisive fifth vote on the Supreme Court to strike the ACA,” Sen said. Mazi HironoMazie Keiko HironoDurbin says they will run for No. 2, if Dems win by Senate majority, Feinstein seems unlikely to move against Senate Democrats, rebuked for Capitol Coronovirus test (D-Hawaii).

Several Democratic senators have already spoken on Sunday night, with others indicating they will plan to speak after midnight.

Sen Bob caseyRobert (Bob) Patrick Casey Loeffler Staff tests positive for COVID-19 Healthcare, retirement security seen as top issues for older voters, MPs say Hill’s Morning Report – sponsored by Goldman Sachs – two Week out, Trump attempts to rally base (D-Pa.) He said he must be speaking Around 12:30

“The Senate Dems will never stop fighting for what is right, which is why we are holding the floor tonight to protest against Judge Barrett’s nomination,” he tweeted.

Sen Chris murphyChristopher (Chris) Scott Murphyovernight Health Care: Trump Takes Fauci’s Criticism to a New Level GOP Health Committee Chairman Defends Fauci | Birx confronted Pence about the Atlas Senate Democrats instigating the Capitol Coronovirus trial, with Senate Democrats trying to ease public concern about some of the consequences about not being available on election night. (D-Con.) Stated that he and Sen. Brian SchatzUS travel and tourism recovery requires Brian Emanuel Scatzocordinated federal leadership Senate Democrats called for Senate Democratic Trial to test Hillican Valley: Facebook, Twitter handle of New York Post article has sparked nightly concerns. FCC to proceed with considering targeting technology liability shield YouTube extends policies to deal with QAnon MORE (D-Hawaii) has a “cemetery shift”.

“Yes, we fight till the end. There is no exaggeration – it is a bet of life or death. [Schatz] And I have an overnight cemetery on the floor of the Senate. If you are between 2 and 5 o’clock, “Murphy” Tweeted.


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