Senate confirmation hearing for Pentagon-nominated Tata as GOP senator quashed because he says he will not vote

The confirmation hearing for controversial Pentagon nominee Anthony Tata was canceled on Thursday shortly before it began as it became clear that they could not have the votes to make it through the committee.

“There are many Democrats and Republicans who did not know enough about Anthony Tata, who considers him to have a very important position at this time,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., Said in a statement.

“We did not get the necessary documents on time, some documents, which we usually get before the hearing, did not arrive until tomorrow,” he continued. “As I told the president last night, we are out of the August recess, so there would be no useful purpose for a hearing at this point, and he agreed.”

R. after the announcement. N. D. Sen. Kevin Kramer, said he was opposed to Tata’s nomination for under-secretary of defense for the policy, until the Pentagon changes its position on adding the names of sailors killed on the USS Franc. Evans for war memorial in Washington, DC during the Vietnam War

“If the department does not make significant changes to its policy, I plan to oppose Tata’s nomination,” Cramer said in a statement last week.

With 14 Republicans and 13 Democrats on the committee, Kramer’s position strikes a balance against the Tatas.

Meanwhile, Democrats have opposed Tata for different reasons. A retired army brigadier general, Tata called former President Barack Obama a “terrorist leader” on Twitter in 2018. He also said that Iran came about the nuclear deal because of Obama’s “Islamic roots” and was “an effort to help Iranians and the greater Islamic State to Israel.”

“We are a bipartisan committee. It is fair to say that members of both sides of the Isle have raised serious questions about this nominee, “Sen. Jack Jack Reid, the ranking Democrat on the committee.” We had a closed-door session on Tuesday and today’s public hearing has now been canceled. . Speaker Enhofe did the right thing here, and it is clear that this nomination is not going anywhere without a full, fair, open hearing. “

The White House is a supporter of Tata, a Trump supporter on Fox News.

Garrett Hacke has contributed.

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