Self-healing display for foldable iPhone seen in Apple patent app

Apple has filed a patent application for a self-healing display, which states that a foldable device is accompanied by a display that extends the fold. The most obvious application of this, of course, is a must have for folding iPhone.

This idea would solve one of the main problems found in early folding smartphones, such as the poor launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold that was turned into a PR disaster …

When you twist a display on yourself, any dust or other debris that gets trapped is likely to damage the screen. This is Apple’s invention to solve this problem.

Displays are usually formed from rigid planar substrates. Although satisfactory, rigorous performance such as in some devices may be difficult to integrate into some situations, such as devices with bendable housing […]

During electronic device operation, the display cover layer for an electronic device can be scratched or dented. In order to improve the aesthetics of the electronic device, it may be desirable to reduce the appearance of scratches and dents. The display cover layer may include a layer of self-healing material to help reduce the number of dents, scratches, or other imperfections.

The patent application states that the ideal would be for the device to be repaired on its own, without requiring the user to do anything – for example, while charging.

Self-healing in the layer of self-healing material can be self-healing (eg, when the self-healing coating is dented, the coating material can fill the dent even without external interference). Alternatively, self-healing may be initiated or accelerated by externally imposed heat, light, electric current, or other types of external stimulation.

When heat is used as an excitation for the self-healing process, the display cover layer may include transparent conductors that form the heating layer in the display cover layer. The heating layer can be used to generate heat to encourage self-healing. According to a predetermined schedule, or when the electronic device is charging, the heating layer can be used to generate heat in response to user input.

Apple has proposed using heat to prevent damage already occurring.

To facilitate bending about the bend axis without damage when the display is cooled, a part of the display that overlaps the bend axis can be selected warm.

Although Apple is hardly in a hurry to bring any new technology to market, it seems inevitable that we will see a folding iPhone at some point. Many Apple fans have said that they will buy one, among them company founder Steve Wozniak.

We have seen many concept images for a folding iPhone, including the one above. Folding news.

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