Selena Gomez claims big tech companies are ‘evil in cash’

Selena Gomez claimed that social media “capitalizes on evil” in an interview published on Saturday.

The singer and actress has been ousting Big Tech companies for months and Trump’s pro-rioters told The Associated Press shortly after the siege of the US Capitol, “This is about truth versus lies, and Facebook, Instagram and Big Tech companies The only way to stop the lie is to flow and pretend to be true. “

He said Facebook continued to “allow dangerous lies about vaccines and COVID and the US election, and that neo-Nazi groups are selling racist products through Instagram.”

On the day of the riots, January 6, Gomez tweeted that the attack resulted in “people with hatred in their hearts allowing people to use platforms that are used to bring people together and allow people to build communities Should be done for. “

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He said that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google had “thwarted the American people” that day and called on them to “fix things moving forward”.

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Selena Gomez is seen in Los Angeles, Jan.11, 2020.
(The Associated Press)


She told AP in a January 6 interview, that tech companies were required to do more than the “bare minimum”.

Gomez became passionate about the issue in 2017 when a 12-year-old commented on one of his Instagram posts: “Go yourself.”

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“That was my tipping point,” he said. “I couldn’t handle what I was seeing.”

He is one of a number of liberal celebrities who call other companies to show tech companies a way out of what they see as potentially dangerous content being shared across platforms.

Conservatives are also calling tech companies for opposite reasons – censorship.

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Many Trump supporters have given Twitter slogans to ban President Trump, Rudy Giuliani and others for closing Trump’s account indefinitely following the riots and Facebook and Instagram.

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