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Make a pose! After Selena Gomez spoke for the first time about meeting her "beloved" Justin Bieber, she and Theresa Mingus posed for a bady selfie.

Selena Gomez 25, made a special appearance on Teresa Marie Mingus Instagram story on December 1, according to a Selena fan account. Selena, with her new hot blonde makeup, held the phone while she and her best friend (and her personal badistant "FOR LIFE") took a selfie in the bathroom. Even in the middle of the rolls of towels and hand sanitizers, these two managed to look fabulous. You look good, ladies. While Justin Bieber 23, could not really "like" this photo, he probably appreciated seeing Sel blink a little while moving his whole black outfit.

This elegant and bady selfie comes on the heels of Selena's intimate interview with Billboard after the publication called Woman of the Year. Selena spoke about her high-profile meeting with the Biebs, and explained that "they love [es] the people who have really impacted my life." She said that before, she and Justin could have been "forcing something that was not right". However, she said that just because she and Justin broke up, it did not mean that she stopped worrying about him. From what you hear, Selena was ready for another chance to love Justin.

It seems that Justin was also ready, especially how he has been accumulating romance every time he is close to Selena. The two have been spotted again hanging out at the Montage Hotel, a place they have visited a lot during their turbulent relationship again on / off. "Every time they look incredibly happy, sometimes he went into the Garden Bar with her to play the piano while he was singing to her," said one witness EXCLUSIVELY . How sweet!

It also seems that Justin knows when to step back and give Selena some space, and be the center of attention! The singer of "Lobos" attended the Billboard Women In Music event on November 30, accepting her Woman of the Year award with a heartfelt speech about France Raisa, 29, her best friend who literally saved her life. However, Justin was not there for Sel's great moment. What was that for? Well, I did not want to take the thunder from Selena. Justin did not think that was the right event to reintroduce his romance. Maybe he and Selena can make things official with a selfie of their own?

Are you happy that Selena and Justin are back together, HollywoodLifer ?

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