‘Sekiro’ is getting free updates with new gameplay modes and costumes


The mode feeds from another new feature FromSoftware is adding to the game. Fashion Souls mavens will be happy to know that outfits are coming Sekiro. The catch is that you earn two of them through Gauntlet Mode. The second you get by completing the game once. “All organizations are purely cosmetic in nature: they are within your accomplishments Sekiro, “Says FromSoftware.

Finally, from a plan to add a feature called Relics. If you’ve played any of the studio’s previous games, the idea behind it will be familiar. Relics will allow you to record a message and have up to 30 seconds of gameplay. Other players will see these clips as ghost-like versions of the Wolf in their games. If you create a relic and someone rates it, your character’s health will be refilled for free.

The update will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. Hopefully FromSoftware fans should tease with new content while the studio continues to work Alden Ring, in collaboration with a song of Ice and Fire Author George RR Martin. It will give fans anything to play while they wait for the upcoming PlayStation 5 remake Demon spirits.

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