Sega tops Metacritic 2020 publisher rankings, Nintendo breaks into Top Ten

Animal Crossing was Nintendo’s strongest game of 2020, but even that couldn’t stop a drop in the rankings …

Review aggregation site Metacritic has released its 2020 publisher rankings, showing us which studios feature the strongest lineup of games based on their overall quality, at least according to critics.

Editors are ranked according to a point system consisting of four main steps, detailed below. To qualify, a publisher must have released at least five titles during the year:

(1) Average goalscore for all games released in 2020
150 possible points (awarded at 1.5 x the Metascore average)

(2)% of products rated with good reviews (Metascore of at least 75)
100 possible points (for example: 80% good = 80 points)

(3)% of products rated with bad reviews (49 or low; in this case, a lower% is better)
100 possible points (for example: 20% bad = 80 points)

(4) Number of “excellent” titles (Metascore of 90 or higher, min. 7 opinions)
Awarded as 5 bonus points for each different title with a score of 90+

So, let’s go to the list. Sega prevailed this year with a total score of 372.2 points, partly thanks to Person 5 Royal Y Yakuza 0 With a score greater than ’90’, you earn editor bonus points as described in the fourth bullet point above.

Nintendo ranked 9th overall, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons as its only game to score above 90. The company’s average Metascore actually decreased by five points from the previous year, putting it lower in the ranking. hierarchical order of what we would normally see.

Last year, in the 2019 publisher rankings, Nintendo ranked third.

What did you think of Nintendo’s 2020? Did you end up buying and enjoying a lot of their games? Let us know with a comment below.


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