See U2 Bring tracks from & # 39; Songs from experience & # 39; a & # 39; SNL & # 39; –

See U2 Bring tracks from & # 39; Songs from experience & # 39; a & # 39; SNL & # 39;


U2 returned to S aturday Night Live for the first time in eight years to make a couple of tracks from their newly released album Songs of Experience .

"American Soul" was inaugurated with a video of animated lyrics that was combined with the introduction of the spoken word of Kendrick Lamar; the song itself is a reworking of "XXX", a song featured in U2 by Lamar Damn .

For the energetic interpretation of "American Soul," which marked the first time that U2 played that song live – Bono sang on a megaphone adorned with an American flag while a stop motion video projected the lyrics of the song into the video screen that rose behind the band.

Bono and company returned later in the night to play Songs of Experience hymn "Get out of your own way". The night before, Bono and Edge played the track as part of a 25-minute acoustic performance at a benefit to the Natural History Museum.

To end the appearance of SNL Bono released his megaphone to deliver a closing sermon based on Lamar's work: "Blessed are the arrogant, because they are a kingdom of their own company." Blessed are the liars for the truth, they could be uncomfortable.Blessed the cast of Saturday Night Live ]. "

U2 will embark on the tour of 15 Experience + Innocence dates in May 2018.

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