See the design of OnePlus 9 here

Here is our first glimpse of next year’s OnePlus 9. To confirm last month’s news that OnePlus will arrive earlier than usual in March 9, previously leaked renders based on initial CAD are debuting in the country, with a familiar design, slightly larger screen, a hole-punch front – Showing the camera camera, and a three-camera setup on the back.

Renderers, courtesy of 91 Meals, don’t show a lot of angles or details, but give us a clear shot of the front and back. Since they are CAD-based, take the material and color with a grain of salt, but the overall layout should be accurate. On the front, you can see the hole-punch camera cutout in the upper left corner, similar to the previous OnePlus 8T, with an “all-screen” design. The OnePlus 9 also has a larger 6.65 “display according to this latest leak, slightly larger than the OnePlus 8T’s 6.55” screen. Curiously, an earpiece does not appear in these renders, but this description may be missing at this early date.

The power button and alert slider are near their normal position on the right, with the volume button on the left. However, the back is a new three-camera layout that looks like a cross between the iPhone and the Galaxy S20. All three cameras are aligned vertically, with two large sensor / lens assemblies set above a smaller one. Flash is set to the right in a configuration that resembles the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 camera layout. In particular, it is less a camera than some earlier leaks indicated, and less so than the 8T.

Rumored specs for the phone, as published by 91mobiles, disagree with themselves in some locations (such as chipset and camera numbers), but the phone reportedly includes the upcoming Snapdragon 875, a 120Hz display and 5,000mAh battery. Which is at the top. OnePlus’ new 65W charging speed.

Now that CAD is in the wild, expect this trick of details to turn up in the coming weeks and months – first as a leak, and then later as a mock-viral marketing of OnePlus overdrive before a formal launch Goes into

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