See the 2019 Christmas thank-you cards of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton

Thanks to the ever-vigilant real fans on Instagram, we've taken a look for the first time at the thank-you cards for this year's royal party, both from the growing families of Prince William and Prince Harry.

It is known that members of the royal family send their thanks to the royal observers who have sent them letters, either congratulating them on a recent birthday or milestone, or simply wish them happy holidays. The last set of cards responded to fans who sent royal Christmas cards.

The royal family took the opportunity to share two particularly sweet photographs with their admirers. For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it was a moment they shared together on their Oceanic tour last fall. Harry had to make a speech, but it began to spill, so Meghan came to the rescue with an umbrella.

"Duke and Duchess of Susbad, thank you for the kind message you sent for Christmas," said the card on the back. "This was very thoughtful of you and very appreciated by Your Royal Highnesses who sent their best wishes for Christmas and the New Year."

Prince William and Kate Middleton chose another moving image, but theirs was centered on their prince Louis, the youngest. It seems to be a posed studio photo taken just after Louis' baptism last July. Kate smiles at her baby, while the rest of the family smiles directly at the camera.

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis thank you for your kind Christmas message," he read the note on the back of the card. "Your Royal Highness send you their best wishes for Christmas and the New Year."

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