See Roger Federer get a denied entry to the Australian Open Locker Room on video | Bleach report

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 18: Roger Federer of Switzerland celebrates his third round match against Taylor Fritz of the United States during the fifth day of the 2019 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 18, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Fred Lee / Getty Images)

Fred Lee / Getty Images

It turns out that being the best male tennis player in history is not enough for you to enter the locker room at the Australian Open without proper identification.

In the video below, a security guard refused to allow Roger Federer to enter the players' locker room because he was not wearing his tournament ID.

Eurosport UK @Eurosport_UK

"I do not care who you are, friend, you will not enter"

Even the GOAT need your accreditation, right @rogerfederer? ?

To Federer's credit, he seemed to take it all in stride before moving on.

Just remember, all aspiring tennis players, being a six-time Australian Open champion means nothing when you want to go to the locker room in Melbourne Park.

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