See one of the best scenes of Stranger Things against how it was written on the page


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Scripts are just words on paper, but the better they are written, the more alive they can be when they are executed. Even so, it's quite fascinating when you can see a scene from side to side with its source material. the Twitter account Screenplayed he does that, and one of his last videos explores one of the best scenes in the last season of Strange things: The moment when Steve expresses his feelings for Robin, only to become an emergent story.

The scrolling script in the previous video slows or accelerates, according to the rhythm of the scene. Also, seeing the directional signs as a line "[hitting] Robin likes a hammer and a look that simply "continues" in front of real moments allows the viewer a deeper insight into the process of the actors. When the script says that Steve must "recalibrate" the information that Robin is gay, it's kind of funny to watch Joe Keery send Steve's brain into overdrive.

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