See James Corden, Broadway Stars ‘Mark Trump’s One Day and’

James Corden joins Broadway stars Joshua Grosso, Jillian Butler, Emily Bottista, Kyle Scalatiff, Shuler Hensley, Patti Lupon and Matt Lucas to celebrate only “One Day More” of outgoing President Trump Les Miserables Parody that aired on Tuesday The late let show.

In the scene, Corden gets into work, rejoicing on the last day of his “Trump jokes, just one more day.” One more day. “But as he walks into office, a TV broadcast Trump talks about the false claims of a stolen election has caused Corden to break into a dramatic song.

“One day more / Trump’s last day as president,” he sings. “There’s a new resident in the White House / it’s four years of endless crime / but now he’s finally out of time.”

Broadway stars Eventually the songs connect through the television screen, adding to their recent hurdles. “It’s been a year this month / We’ll be in the parking lot / Four Seasons landscaping,” they sing. Later, they cheerfully say, “Their term is over / the day is here.”

The clip also represents Trump supporters, starring by Lupon and Lucas, who sing about not wearing masks, triggering viral fights and guns.

The video ends with a reminder of how hard the theater community has been hit by the epidemic. It states that the Broadway cars were donated as a thank you to the actors participating in the video. It also encourages viewers to donate to the Broadway Car / Equity Fight Aids Kovid-19 Emergency Assistance Fund, which provides resources to entertainment professionals who have been affected.

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