See Colbert’s Sobering Response to Sutherland Springs Shooting


Stephen Colbert delivered a sobering monologue in regards to the mbad capturing in Sutherland Springs, Texas and urged in opposition to the overwhelming sense of hopelessness and powerlessness that follows such violence on The Late Show Monday.

“Everyone is heartbroken when this happens, and you want to do something but nothing gets done,” Colbert mentioned. “No one does anything – and that seems insane, and it can make you feel hopeless. Now, I don’t know what to do, but hopelessness is not the answer. You cannot give up in the face of evil.”

Colbert famous the way in which efforts to go any type of gun management laws get swept away swiftly after mbad killings. He pointed to a possible ban on bump shares – which virtually flip semi-automatic weapons into computerized weapons – that emerged in Congress after the capturing in Las Vegas, however has since gone away. Colbert mentioned the failure to behave in response to mbad shootings was not simply unacceptable, however unnatural and inhuman.

“It just goes against our nature,” he mentioned. “We want to fix things. You want to respond to something terrible like this. Not just now, but at any time in human history. Five-thousand years ago, if your village had a tiger coming into it every day and was eating people, you wouldn’t do nothing. You would move the village, you would build a fence or you would kill the tiger. You wouldn’t say, ‘Well I guess somebody’s gonna get eaten everyday because the price of liberty is tigers.’ You take some action.”

Colbert closed his monologue with a reminder that the best approach to struggle powerless and hopelessness is by voting. “Vote for someone who will do something,” Colbert mentioned, earlier than paraphrasing Edmund Burke: “Because this is an act of evil and the only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

James Corden additionally addressed the mbad capturing in Sutherland Springs on The Late Late Show. Corden shared his condolences with the victims and their households, but additionally identified the hypocrisy that fuels the gun management debate. “It was too early to talk gun control after Vegas, and now the President says it’s too early to talk about gun control after Sutherland Springs,” Corden mentioned. “And once again, though, it is too late for the victims.”

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